3D Virtual landmarks St. Paul’s Cathedral

Written for VR travelers and explorers ūüôā

But not only, if you’re just curious, then get your Twinity ticket and take a tour through the incredible in real and 3D St. Paul’s Cathedral.Now how you get a ticket, well that’s … simple! If you have a Twinity account, that’s your ticket, if you don’t have a Twinity account, make one! ūüėČ

shot00081920x1080St. Paul’s Cathedral or the mother church of the Diocese of London, situated at the highest point of the City of London,¬†dedication to Paul the Apostle ever since the the original church built on the site, was risen in¬†AD 604.¬†In Twinity, you can step inside the magnificent 3D cathedral, that is a replica of the in real monument.


The perfect copy designed in the English baroque style will take your breath away. Allow your steps to be guided through the majestic virtual chambers and hallways.Take your time admiring the perfect 3Dreplica of the intricate “Choir” ¬†wooden¬†fittings, that aimed to reproduce¬†popular Dutch flower painting in wood.

St.Pauls1920x1080Allow it’s magic to envelop and conquer you, as every little piece of this creation both in real and in 3D is beautifully and masterfully designed. Place your ear on the “whisperring Gallery” wall and listen the the whispers.. murmurs… what are they saying?

A reminder and many thanks to one of our members for the lovely artwork previously created in this wonderful location.Twinity Feathers- splashscreen

Now we will leave you in the quiet and the beauty of this magnificent 3D Landmark of virtual London and we will start on our next journey through 3D and Twinity’s virtual world with it’s many and amazing secrets and 3D locations.


Until next time traveler,

Happy virtual sightseeing! ūüôā



3D Sightseeing – Walking with Dinosaurs in Twinity

Greetings and salutations travelers,

Now, I know that title might make you wonder¬†but this week’s 3Dsightseeing is just¬†so cool! In fact we could easily call it¬†3DAwesome because it’s nothing short of that.

We decided to join Sandra during her visit to¬†‚ÄĘ P—Ź‚ā¨hi$Ň£o—Źic‚Äʬ†. And what follows is just a glimpse of what was actually waiting for us there… have a look! But hold on to your hat, we’re traveling back in time 65 Million BC to be more precise!¬†shot0014

Because, let’s face it, who did not want to ever walk among dinosaurs, right?

Be careful when you arrive though, these guys are smaller but they are fast and ferocious! So be prepared… to run!

There will be other eyes watching you though…

Sandra prehistoric 2

Which can be both good and dangerous… but chances are¬†she might become a very good friend to have in this¬†3Dwilderness. See and read more about Sandra’s 3Dexperience in 3Dprehistoric, here or through one of the images!

We invite you to take out your wild side, and share this wonderful 3Dscene with majestic and noble 3Dbrontosaurus. Domestica and travels on diplodocus herbivore, or run or dare to fight to the death against bloody T-Rex.Sandra prehistoric 1

Survive all the hungry pterodactyls that are constantly monitoring the skies.And never dive into deep waters, because something evil dwells in his background, a lot darker than you could bear.

And finally, when night falls slowly and whispering enjoy the deserved rest of the warrior.

Sandra prehistoric 4

This amazing 3D Space came to life from the imagination of prolific Australian creator Jack Mccoy . An exciting trip to the past that starts from the base of a perfect interstellar ship of the future, (created masterfully in SketchUp) to a very interesting 3Djurassic animated virtual world.

We are certain you will enjoy this just as much as we did! And of course, thank you Sandra for being with us in this wonderful 3Dexploration.


Until next time,

Happy exploring, traveler!

3D Palmadora Island Sightseeing

Hello everyone,

We wrote before about Sandra’s 3D Sightseeing in Twinity and of course we course we could not resist joining in as it looked way too much fun. Not just to explore but also sharing with others after, as well.

One of Sandra’s stops was Palmadora Island¬†¬† Can you resist the playground? ūüėČ

3D Sightseeing

Take some time to visit some of the properties available for rent or purchase. And if you could resist the playground, we promise you can’t resist that view!

Ibiza 3D Island

And to paraphrase Sandra. “It’s that beach that captivates you, the warmth of the sun, the breeze that envelopes you. We are certain you won’t be able to resist going for a swim” ¬†– More from Sandra’s visit to the island here .

3D Sightseeing Ibiza

3DPhoto by: Fred Madrid


“Travel through tunnels into the beyond. Or have fun in their forgotten and brings out the child in you show. Explore Palmadora and make it yours. “

3D Palmadora

3DPhoto by: Fred Madrid

“The road is long and deeply beautiful.”

Happy Sightseeing! ūüôā


Decorate your personal space with new awesome 3D items

Hello everyone,

We come bearing awesome gifts and wonderful ideas.

Now, we all know in Twinity you can buy or rent your own awesome apartment or house in any city in the world your heart desires.

You want your own penthouse apartment in New York, Berlin, London, Paris, not only you can have it, but you can have it in a few seconds, if you don’t know how yet, you can either do so from your Twinity 3D Client or by visiting our Real-Estate Page.¬†¬†And this comes with even more great news, you can have as many places as you like!! Is that awesome or what!!

Roberto's Offcie

Roberto’s Office

Of course the most important thing after having your own personal space is how you decorate it.  As  Twiniziens we love creating, decorating, partying and most of all sharing all that with people. And since so many of you have purchased or rented many spaces in the last period, we love to announce you that we have lots new items to help you guys decorate and create your dream home.

Just a few examples to get you going, you can easily search in the Shop, for: !Rave Candle & !Rave Lamp in Decor & Accessories/ Lamps/Table  or just type !Japanese and see all the items with that title.

Maybe you plan to decorate your private beach for all the hot summer nights to come, just search for Tiki.

Search for !Disco and get that club pumpin’ as soon as tomorrow!

And these are just a few examples of new items, keep checking the catalog as we constantly add new awesome objects!


Get your pose on!

Hey guys,

Be happy, look cool and chill with the awesome new 3D character poses.

Check them out by searching for SBP in the 2D Animation Shop, you’ll be happy you did! ;]

Little Italy - New Poses

Little Italy – New Poses

Give yourself the cool new style you deserve with these new poses! ;]


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