A different 3D view of virtual worlds


It’s all about A different view! 

That.. in case you were wondering where all you’re friends were laterly! 😉


#3DPhotography: Amazona

Which ever way and any color you like to see the 3D world, there will be a pair a glasses that will give you that in the 3D online store Different View.

glasses 3

3DImage: Eo

Maybe you’re just looking for laughs! Whatever the reason…

Change your 3D Virtual World perspective from normal to sepia, black and white… and purple.. or red! 😉

Amazona heartshaped glasses

#3DPhotography: Amazona

Create your brand new 3D world just by putting on a different pair of glasses! Watch Twinity with a different view! Check the Sunglasses and the amazing color effects to be a super fashionista… Only you can see the effect.


#3DArtwork: Eo

Head on to the 3D store and have a look .. find out how to enjoy the sun in style! 😉  While we go on exploring to find the next awesome 3D destination!

Sightseeing will never be the same after visiting a Different view! 😉


Happy exploring! 🙂

3D Habana Club

Greetings travelers,

Habana!! More summer in 3D destination ideas.  This post’s destination is Habana Club , currently owned by Sweetpea.


3Dimage by Sweetpea

A wonderful beach club , with a rooftop pool and lounges to just enjoy the sun and a cool drink with friends or why not even just by yourself.


The beach has a number of activities set up. Playing with puppies flying game-console controlled planes a cozy fire for the cooler nights and a beautifully decorated tent, all simply for your enjoyment.


After a day under the brilliant virtual world sun you can quickly hide inside and spend some quiet moments with your special someone, or chilling to some cool and smooth tunes from the location’s radio.


Or simply relax for a few moments, under the setting sun feeling the breeze of the ocean envelop you and allow yourself to breath in the cooling air that announces the night falling.


3D Pergamon museum

Hello travelers,

As the title suggests it, today’s VR destination is Pergamon Museum or Pergamonmuseum. In real the museum is situated is situated on the Museum Island in Berlin. In Twinity it is situated… well it has it’s own 3D space and it beautifully occupies it.


3DIshtar Gate

In Real the Pergamon Museum houses original-sized, reconstructed monumental buildings such as the Pergamon Altar and the Market Gate of Miletus, all consisting of parts transported from Turkey. (Source: Wikipedia) Some of which you can also see in the 3D Building in Twinity.



3D Pergamon Altar

Take some time visiting the Pergamon Altar and observe  Greece’s greatest heroes and gods locked in battle and destroying enemies.


A detail from the 3Dfrieze of the Pergamon Altar

You don’t want to miss out on another one of the big installations of  3DPergamon – the 3D Mshatta Facade, unique because of it’s intricate carvings.


3D Mshatta Facade


If you haven’t visited yet, take some time, login the 3D Virtual world and go 3D Sightseeing, starting with this superb 3DMuseum. You will love it!


Until next time traveler,

Happy Sightseeing! 😉

3D Visit in Twintown

Greetings and salutations travelers!

This time we’ll keep it short with the introductions to the next 3D property because this place, well.. If you are a Twinizen then you know this place has some history! And if you’re not a Twinizen..well you want to be one! 😉

Twintown ! Currently owned by Twinity member Calle.shot0007

This wonderful 3D Location has been the Welcome Area a while back, then it became Vlad’s Kingdom, a 3DKingdom Area and now Twintown.shot0005

It has a beautiful enclosed like 3D Garden now that allows you to stroll over bridges made of glass so you can watch the fish swimming beneath your feet among the beautifully 3D designed lily-pads .


At the very top inside the 3D Dome you can have a rest in one of the lounges available and enjoy the 3Dview from a bird’s-eye-view perspective.

Surely the snapshots taken during our visit do not do this place justice. Take our invitation and visit this place in 3D, you will love it!

Since we are getting closer and closer to summer, check out our visit to Miami Beach!


Until next time traveler,

Happy 3D Sightseeing!

3DMiami Beach Sightseeing

Hello travelers,

Sunshine, springtime and fun! If you love the sun warm sand and playing on the beach, this is the place for you! This week’s destination is New Miami Beach.

Miami Beach 3DImg 1

There is no better time to enjoy the sun and some good beach parties than, right now! And let’s admit it, it’s never too early to get ready for a summer in 3D!

Miami Beach 3DFemale 3DAvatar Img 4

The 3D location has been beautifully and carefully put together to offer you a wonderful and fun 3D experience.

Immerse yourself in this beautiful environment. Take a ‘long walk on the beach’, feel the warm sand beneath your feet and breath in the 3D salty ocean air.

3DMiami Beach Img 3

Check out for the Event Calendar and make sure you don’t miss out on the awesome 3D Beach Parties that take place there. We guarantee you’ll love every minute spent there. And don’t worry, if long walks on the beach are not your thing, there are plenty of things you can be entertained with!

Miami beach 3DPhoto 2

That is it for now, travelers. We are off to our next adventure! How about you? 😉

Just in case you missed our previous post, check out Laura’s Home and Shop here http://wp.me/p1R6Yx-1LH

Until next time,

Happy 3DSightseeing !

3D Sightseeing in Twinity

Ahoy 3D travelers !

Do we have an amazing destination for your 3D travels , this week or what?! If you like living on the edge adventure, well you are in luck! RuMRuNNers is the place for you! Owned in Twinity by Stasea this place is amazing and will keep you exploring for hours .


First things first though… Tell me who you travel with, so I can tell you who you are.. or something … like that, right? Bottom line, in Sandra’s words, a 3D Pirate Island might not be the safest place to be, especially if you’re in “Bad Company” like Sandra and Fred seem to have found themselves in.

Bad company

Arrr! Don’t let that stop you from exploring though, enjoy the beautiful animated sky with impossible constellations, search for the pirate’s treasure!looking for gold

And after a day of excitement and exploring you find yourself tired, take a moment and rest in the sand still warm from the sun, close your eyes and listen to the waves crashing against it…

A pirate's reposal Sandra’s got it, see? And if you want to see more of Sandra’s adventure to RuMRuNNers check this out or click the images above and..  Wait, where is Fred? 😮

Happy sightseeing 3D Explorers and Godspeed!



Valentine’s Day in Twinity


*love is in the air*… In the 3Dair as well and this is for all of you love birds and friends and… cousins and aunts and moms..;) Because Valentine’s Day is not just for couples, right?

Your BFF, a family member , make sure you tell them how much you appreciate and care for them. Let them love you and love them back!

You guys have made so many wonderful experiences and friends, found love, cried and laughed… and all while experiencing a 3D Virtual World. We can not write about it all and share it all here but we do want to have a look at some of it and who knows maybe at the end of this post you we will all have gained some more ideas on how to spend Valentine’s.


3DArtWork: Sandra Rubio

And while we’re at it, here is a wonderful 3Dgift idea for your beloved, roses!

Or you could plan a quiet evening together, smooth tunes and a calm night.


3DArtwork: Eo “Mélancolie”

There are several martyrdom stories out there about how Valentine’s Day got to be the day to celebrate love.

Some actually believe the roots of Valentine’s Day stem from the ancient, possibly pre-Roman festival. And if you’re more the type to go for a 3DAdventure why not plan a date out exploring. After all, what better place to go 3D Sightseeing, than in Twinity, right?


3DScene: Angelstar

So many new places added every day, you can’t go wrong! And after all “Love is all you need” right?

But if you really want to go big and sweep your beloved of her or his feet, well then.. how about gifting her or him, the moon and the stars?


3DPhotography: Elz 

No matter how you do it though.. We wish all of you a most wonderful Valentine’s Day  with the one you hold most dear!

Happy Valentine’s Twinizens!

3DSightseeing Castillo de Cabezas

Hello Everyone,

“Every journey, adventure, starts with a first step” … and continues with a second one. Why a second step? Well, first we visited Palmadora Island, in Ibiza 3D and now we found ourselves in Fred Madrid’s Castillo de Cabezas, a public place in London, England. 47659-Castillo-de-Cabezas

When you visit, make sure to search for the hidden objects, free items and let yourself get lost in the gardens surrounding, “immerse yourself slowly through their walls, full of secrets, betrayal, and glory…  visit the dark dungeons. And pay your respects in the crypt.”

47659-Castillo-de-Cabezas 3

“Explore, and don’t be mislead by the obvious. This place hides much more than you could initially imagine. A hobbit house? Circular Dolmenes? Everything reaches beyond… ” You can see even more of Castillo de Cabezas by following Sandra’s steps here!

47659-Castillo-de-Cabezas 4 Sandras site photo

Photograph: Fred Castilian Madrid

Another image from the site, captured by Fred Castilian Madrid – Model Sandra Rubio.

47659-Castillo-de-Cabezas 6 Sandras site photo

Don’t forget to visit the well and make a wish, when you are there.. why knows, it might come true!Beautiful works done for the 3Ddesign of this VRlocation. We really enjoyed the visit and we are certain you will too. Just be prepared for this place can “awaken true and intense feelings”.

Post a photo in Facebook or Twitter @Twinity, if you visit this place. We would love to see how you experience the 3Dworld.

Happy Sightseeing! 🙂



2016 Valentine’s Day

Hello Twinizens,

First, we want to say thank you it is super exciting to get your messages and emails about Twinity Artwork and 3DPhotography ideas and wanting to get involved in that!

Since Valentine’s Day is approaching so quickly, and we all have a special someone out there, lover, friend, sister, brother, parents, we thought you might want to show the world who is your special someone and how wonderful he, she or they are. 🙂


Entry images will be accepted until February 7, 2016.

For details and guidelines on How To create the image, check out the Twinity Artwork post .

Looking forward to see what you guys create! 🙂




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