Experience the tropical oasis virtual lifestyle!

Having your own virtual place to call home is important, and if you’re still looking for a little corner to call your own, have a look at we found! Sabrina’s tropical oasis!


In the creator’s words “Tropical place , waterfall, beach to have fun and relax.. It comes with a large outside space that you can use to create and build anything your heart desires.”


The inside decor trends towards classical but happy at the same time. Oh, did I mention it has a zoo? We’ll let you see that for yourself.

Make the place your own in a few simple steps. Click to buy! Or visit Twinity’s Market Place here, you are sure to find your VW dream home there.




A different 3D view of virtual worlds


It’s all about A different view! 

That.. in case you were wondering where all you’re friends were laterly! 😉


#3DPhotography: Amazona

Which ever way and any color you like to see the 3D world, there will be a pair a glasses that will give you that in the 3D online store Different View.

glasses 3

3DImage: Eo

Maybe you’re just looking for laughs! Whatever the reason…

Change your 3D Virtual World perspective from normal to sepia, black and white… and purple.. or red! 😉

Amazona heartshaped glasses

#3DPhotography: Amazona

Create your brand new 3D world just by putting on a different pair of glasses! Watch Twinity with a different view! Check the Sunglasses and the amazing color effects to be a super fashionista… Only you can see the effect.


#3DArtwork: Eo

Head on to the 3D store and have a look .. find out how to enjoy the sun in style! 😉  While we go on exploring to find the next awesome 3D destination!

Sightseeing will never be the same after visiting a Different view! 😉


Happy exploring! 🙂

3D Bitfilm Bitropolis in Twinity

Hello traveler,

Phew!! It’s been a long trip but wow was it worth it?!!

If you had another great week, well it’s time for another great weekend and if your week wasn’t so good, well.. let’s make up for it! 😉 This week is destination is very, very interesting… did I mention it’s very yet? 😉 Why- Check it out!
bitropolis 1

If you’ve been in Twinity for some time then you’ll love remembering this! If you’re new or not yet part of our awesome 3D community. Trust us, you’ll love this! It takes 2 minutes to create your brand new 3Dself and take a 3Dvirtual tour of this awesome place! Why is it so awesome?


Simple! This 3D Space might be created by Twinity but each 3Dcubicle rented out to Twinity members is decorated and has the specific and personal 3D print of it’s ocupant. Twinity members like you have left their mark through amazing and unique 3Dinterior design ideas.

bitropolis 2

If you don’t know yet, Bitropolis is the virtual venue of the Bitfilm Festival and can be found deep underground in the 3D world of Twinity.

Though deep underground 3D , check out Ivana’s 3D snapshot from the very top. Nice work Ivana!


And because this place is so awesome, we’ll let you go and discover it because we’re sure you want to and we’ll start on choosing our next destination. Hmm.. *thinking* where shall we go next?

Until next time travelers,

Happy sightseeing and 3D exploring!

3D Virtual landmarks St. Paul’s Cathedral

Written for VR travelers and explorers 🙂

But not only, if you’re just curious, then get your Twinity ticket and take a tour through the incredible in real and 3D St. Paul’s Cathedral.Now how you get a ticket, well that’s … simple! If you have a Twinity account, that’s your ticket, if you don’t have a Twinity account, make one! 😉

shot00081920x1080St. Paul’s Cathedral or the mother church of the Diocese of London, situated at the highest point of the City of London, dedication to Paul the Apostle ever since the the original church built on the site, was risen in AD 604. In Twinity, you can step inside the magnificent 3D cathedral, that is a replica of the in real monument.


The perfect copy designed in the English baroque style will take your breath away. Allow your steps to be guided through the majestic virtual chambers and hallways.Take your time admiring the perfect 3Dreplica of the intricate “Choir”  wooden fittings, that aimed to reproduce popular Dutch flower painting in wood.

St.Pauls1920x1080Allow it’s magic to envelop and conquer you, as every little piece of this creation both in real and in 3D is beautifully and masterfully designed. Place your ear on the “whisperring Gallery” wall and listen the the whispers.. murmurs… what are they saying?

A reminder and many thanks to one of our members for the lovely artwork previously created in this wonderful location.Twinity Feathers- splashscreen

Now we will leave you in the quiet and the beauty of this magnificent 3D Landmark of virtual London and we will start on our next journey through 3D and Twinity’s virtual world with it’s many and amazing secrets and 3D locations.


Until next time traveler,

Happy virtual sightseeing! 🙂



3D Flirt and Chat locations in virtual worlds

Hello explorers,

Since we can’t keep away too long from exploring Twinity.. no seriously, do you have any idea how many places there are? How many virtual lifetimes do you think one would need to visit all of it? Have a look and tell us what you think! 😉Flirt Chat Oxymoron drinks

While wandering around and loving to get lost in the immense 3D places in  Twinity there was of course, no way we missed Flirt Chat Oxymoron


3D Snapshot: Alwinal

“The Flirt and Chat Cafe “Oxymoron” in the ever-popular Hackesche Höfe is one of the best places to hang out in virtual Berlin for all lovers and love seekers. You can chat, sit at a fireplace, hold hands, share kisses or even fall in love.

Flirt Chat Oxymoron couples time

In real life you will find that The Hackesche Höfe are courtyard complex situated adjacent to the Hackescher Markt in the center of Berlin. In 3D Virtual World you find a corner of it in Flirt Chat Oxymoron in 3D Virtual Berlin.


3D Photography: Alwinal

If you plan to spend your evening in 3D then you will want to consider this location. Beautifully decorated with wonderfully designed 3D objects, this virtual venue will make perfect for beautiful nights accompanied by smooth tunes, drinks and lovely company whether your friends online or your virtual love, better half.

Which reminds us, have you seen our previous post about real love in virtual worlds? Check it out here: Virtual love and Twinity

We hope you enjoyed this week’s 3Ddestination!

Until next time explorer,

Happy virtual exploring! 🙂

Dark Fashion in Virtual Worlds

Hello virtual travelers,

We loved taking a peek in the Virtual Fashion world last week and checking out the events in the 3D world and since last week’s post was about glam and catwalks we thought we’d ask around a bit for a few other type of fashion in 3D.

Dark Fashion Eo2 640x400

3D image “conspicuously dark” by Eo

And what we got..? Well we got a lot of excitement and a great answer on our call for artwork and of course a few good tips on some of the stores for 3D Dark Fashion. Such as Gothic M Vampire Queen‘s 3Donline store in Twinity , Dungeon of Goths, Gothic Shop and many more.

Dark Fashion JC 1 640x400

#3DPhotography “..darkly Inclined” by Eo

While the main style you think of when saying Dark fashion is Goth style, we’ll stick to the term of Dark since you can find so many variations of it in the Twinity stores.  Choose any of the 3D alternative styles & store and you’re ready to shop & dress in style in 3D. Whether single or choosing the couples fashion way, we’re certain and would love to see how you dress-up your avatar and create the new cool you!

Darkfashion Eo 1 640x400

3DArwork “..pale” by Eo

If this style doesn’t have your heart yet, after you explore the mysteriousand  antiquated features we are certain it will… just dare! After all, it’s a new life in 3D. 😉

And with a promise for more virtual artwork on this subject we’ll leave you with Amazona’s beautiful and creative 3D Artwork.000356381


Until next time,

Whether it’s sightseeing, styles or self… happy exploring!

3D Fashion in Virtual Worlds

Hello everyone,

From Virtual Worlds Sightseeing to Virtual Worlds Fashion. We were inspired by the latest 3D Fashion event being organized, featuring a number of wonderful 3D designers present in Twinity. The event is Ka’s World of Fashion held at Club Eclipse in Twinity.

VW 3D Fashion Show

3D Image guidance by Eo

We say it was about time we touched the subject of VW Fashion and all the events that are happening around that in Twinity.

Fashion Show 2

3DPhoto guidance by Eo

Whether you’re getting ready to walk down a Virtual Catwalk or designing 3D clothes to wearing the latest virtual trends this is the place to be. Endless surprises & great ways to customize your 3D avatar with virtual clothing and accessories designed for and by Twinity players.



3D Photography Sandra Rubio


Or create your own clothes, accessories and your own 3Denvironments, like Sandra so wonderfully does. 🙂 Once in, we just know you will want to dress-up or create designs for all of your styles, make the look you are after.  A new looks, a new you, every day!

Fashion Show 1

3D Image design by Eo

Show off your style and creations in fabulous, glamorous 3D Fashion Events and be ready for a lot of attention when you do! Can we RSVP ahead of time? 😉

Thank you Eo and Sandra for the wonderful images used in this post.

Until next time VW travelers,

Happy exploring!


3D Habana Club

Greetings travelers,

Habana!! More summer in 3D destination ideas.  This post’s destination is Habana Club , currently owned by Sweetpea.


3Dimage by Sweetpea

A wonderful beach club , with a rooftop pool and lounges to just enjoy the sun and a cool drink with friends or why not even just by yourself.


The beach has a number of activities set up. Playing with puppies flying game-console controlled planes a cozy fire for the cooler nights and a beautifully decorated tent, all simply for your enjoyment.


After a day under the brilliant virtual world sun you can quickly hide inside and spend some quiet moments with your special someone, or chilling to some cool and smooth tunes from the location’s radio.


Or simply relax for a few moments, under the setting sun feeling the breeze of the ocean envelop you and allow yourself to breath in the cooling air that announces the night falling.


Cruise Ship 3D Palmadora

Hello everyone!


Title says it all. We spent some time cruising around the Island of Palmadora in 3D Ibiza.

If you like luxurious views and treatment this is for you Cruise Ship Palmadora!


This is another awesome idea for your 3D Summer holiday. Destinations ideas! Spend some time enjoying the brilliant sun, lounging by the pool on the ship or take a walk, play some tennis on one of the ship’s tennis courts. Enjoy the view of the island with it’s majestic fortress guarding the area, the 3D amusement park , the island’s residents get to enjoy.


After a hot day, allow yourself to relax with a cool drink, by the pool, enjoy smooth tunes and the beautiful night sky and sea air!


With friends or on your own, you will love every second spent in this place! Whether you spend time by the pool or have a chance to catch a 3Dconcert on our Rocking The Metaverse stage on the main deck. But better than us telling you how you can enjoy it, have a look for yourself if you haven’t already. Sign the guestbook and let us know what you think!


Enjoy the 3D Sightseeing virtual traveler! 😉





3D Pergamon museum

Hello travelers,

As the title suggests it, today’s VR destination is Pergamon Museum or Pergamonmuseum. In real the museum is situated is situated on the Museum Island in Berlin. In Twinity it is situated… well it has it’s own 3D space and it beautifully occupies it.


3DIshtar Gate

In Real the Pergamon Museum houses original-sized, reconstructed monumental buildings such as the Pergamon Altar and the Market Gate of Miletus, all consisting of parts transported from Turkey. (Source: Wikipedia) Some of which you can also see in the 3D Building in Twinity.



3D Pergamon Altar

Take some time visiting the Pergamon Altar and observe  Greece’s greatest heroes and gods locked in battle and destroying enemies.


A detail from the 3Dfrieze of the Pergamon Altar

You don’t want to miss out on another one of the big installations of  3DPergamon – the 3D Mshatta Facade, unique because of it’s intricate carvings.


3D Mshatta Facade


If you haven’t visited yet, take some time, login the 3D Virtual world and go 3D Sightseeing, starting with this superb 3DMuseum. You will love it!


Until next time traveler,

Happy Sightseeing! 😉


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