3D Bitfilm Bitropolis in Twinity

Hello traveler,

Phew!! It’s been a long trip but wow was it worth it?!!

If you had another great week, well it’s time for another great weekend and if your week wasn’t so good, well.. let’s make up for it! ūüėȬ†This week is destination is very, very interesting… did I mention it’s very yet? ūüėČ Why-¬†Check it out!
bitropolis 1

If you’ve been in Twinity for some time¬†then you’ll love remembering this! If you’re new or not yet part of our awesome 3D community. Trust us, you’ll love this! It takes 2 minutes to create your brand new 3Dself and take a 3Dvirtual tour of this awesome place! Why is it so awesome?


Simple! This 3D Space might be created by Twinity but each 3Dcubicle rented out to Twinity members is decorated and has the specific and personal 3D print of it’s ocupant. Twinity members like you have left their mark through amazing and unique 3Dinterior design ideas.

bitropolis 2

If you don’t know yet, Bitropolis is the virtual venue of the Bitfilm Festival and can be found deep underground in the 3D world of Twinity.

Though deep underground 3D , check out Ivana’s 3D snapshot from the very top. Nice work Ivana!


And because this place is so awesome, we’ll let you go and discover it because we’re sure you want to and we’ll start on choosing our next destination. Hmm.. *thinking* where shall we go next?

Until next time travelers,

Happy sightseeing and 3D exploring!

3D Virtual landmarks St. Paul’s Cathedral

Written for VR travelers and explorers ūüôā

But not only, if you’re just curious, then get your Twinity ticket and take a tour through the incredible in real and 3D St. Paul’s Cathedral.Now how you get a ticket, well that’s … simple! If you have a Twinity account, that’s your ticket, if you don’t have a Twinity account, make one! ūüėČ

shot00081920x1080St. Paul’s Cathedral or the mother church of the Diocese of London, situated at the highest point of the City of London,¬†dedication to Paul the Apostle ever since the the original church built on the site, was risen in¬†AD 604.¬†In Twinity, you can step inside the magnificent 3D cathedral, that is a replica of the in real monument.


The perfect copy designed in the English baroque style will take your breath away. Allow your steps to be guided through the majestic virtual chambers and hallways.Take your time admiring the perfect 3Dreplica of the intricate “Choir” ¬†wooden¬†fittings, that aimed to reproduce¬†popular Dutch flower painting in wood.

St.Pauls1920x1080Allow it’s magic to envelop and conquer you, as every little piece of this creation both in real and in 3D is beautifully and masterfully designed. Place your ear on the “whisperring Gallery” wall and listen the the whispers.. murmurs… what are they saying?

A reminder and many thanks to one of our members for the lovely artwork previously created in this wonderful location.Twinity Feathers- splashscreen

Now we will leave you in the quiet and the beauty of this magnificent 3D Landmark of virtual London and we will start on our next journey through 3D and Twinity’s virtual world with it’s many and amazing secrets and 3D locations.


Until next time traveler,

Happy virtual sightseeing! ūüôā



3D Flirt and Chat locations in virtual worlds

Hello explorers,

Since we can’t keep away too long from exploring Twinity.. no seriously, do you have any idea how many places there are? How many virtual lifetimes do you think one would need to visit all of it? Have a look and tell us what you think! ūüėČFlirt Chat Oxymoron drinks

While wandering around and loving to get lost in the immense 3D places in  Twinity there was of course, no way we missed Flirt Chat Oxymoron


3D Snapshot: Alwinal

“The Flirt and Chat Cafe “Oxymoron” in the ever-popular Hackesche H√∂fe is one of the best places to hang out in virtual Berlin for all lovers and love seekers.¬†You can chat, sit at a fireplace, hold hands, share kisses or even fall in love.

Flirt Chat Oxymoron couples time

In real life you will find that The Hackesche Höfe are courtyard complex situated adjacent to the Hackescher Markt in the center of Berlin. In 3D Virtual World you find a corner of it in Flirt Chat Oxymoron in 3D Virtual Berlin.


3D Photography: Alwinal

If you plan to spend your evening in 3D then you will want to consider this location. Beautifully decorated with wonderfully designed 3D objects, this virtual venue will make perfect for beautiful nights accompanied by smooth tunes, drinks and lovely company whether your friends online or your virtual love, better half.

Which reminds us, have you seen our previous post about real love in virtual worlds? Check it out here: Virtual love and Twinity

We hope you enjoyed this week’s 3Ddestination!

Until next time explorer,

Happy virtual exploring! ūüôā

Cruise Ship 3D Palmadora

Hello everyone!


Title says it all. We spent some time cruising around the Island of Palmadora in 3D Ibiza.

If you like luxurious views and treatment this is for you Cruise Ship Palmadora!


This is another awesome idea for your 3D Summer holiday. Destinations ideas! Spend some time enjoying the brilliant sun, lounging by the pool on the ship or take a walk, play some tennis on one of the ship’s tennis courts. Enjoy the view of the island with it’s majestic fortress guarding the area, the 3D amusement park , the island’s residents get to enjoy.


After a hot day, allow yourself to relax with a cool drink, by the pool, enjoy smooth tunes and the beautiful night sky and sea air!


With friends or on your own, you will love every second spent in this place! Whether you spend time by the pool or have a chance to catch a 3Dconcert on our Rocking The Metaverse stage on the main deck. But better than us telling you how you can enjoy it, have a look for yourself if you haven’t already. Sign the guestbook and let us know what you think!


Enjoy the 3D Sightseeing virtual traveler! ūüėČ





3DMiami Beach Sightseeing

Hello travelers,

Sunshine, springtime and fun! If you love the sun warm sand and playing on the beach, this is the place for you!¬†This week’s destination is New Miami Beach.

Miami Beach 3DImg 1

There is no better time to enjoy the sun and some good beach parties than, right now! And let’s admit it, it’s never too early to get ready for a summer in 3D!

Miami Beach 3DFemale 3DAvatar Img 4

The 3D location has been beautifully and carefully put together to offer you a wonderful and fun 3D experience.

Immerse yourself in this beautiful environment. Take a ‘long walk on the beach’, feel the warm sand beneath your feet and breath in the 3D salty ocean air.

3DMiami Beach Img 3

Check out for the Event Calendar and make sure you don’t miss out on the awesome 3D Beach Parties that take place there. We guarantee you’ll love every minute spent there. And don’t worry, if long walks on the beach are not your thing, there are plenty of things you can be entertained with!

Miami beach 3DPhoto 2

That is it for now, travelers. We are off to our next adventure! How about you? ūüėČ

Just in case you missed our previous post, check out Laura’s Home and Shop here¬†http://wp.me/p1R6Yx-1LH

Until next time,

Happy 3DSightseeing !

3D Sightseeing – Walking with Dinosaurs in Twinity

Greetings and salutations travelers,

Now, I know that title might make you wonder¬†but this week’s 3Dsightseeing is just¬†so cool! In fact we could easily call it¬†3DAwesome because it’s nothing short of that.

We decided to join Sandra during her visit to¬†‚ÄĘ P—Ź‚ā¨hi$Ň£o—Źic‚Äʬ†. And what follows is just a glimpse of what was actually waiting for us there… have a look! But hold on to your hat, we’re traveling back in time 65 Million BC to be more precise!¬†shot0014

Because, let’s face it, who did not want to ever walk among dinosaurs, right?

Be careful when you arrive though, these guys are smaller but they are fast and ferocious! So be prepared… to run!

There will be other eyes watching you though…

Sandra prehistoric 2

Which can be both good and dangerous… but chances are¬†she might become a very good friend to have in this¬†3Dwilderness. See and read more about Sandra’s 3Dexperience in 3Dprehistoric, here or through one of the images!

We invite you to take out your wild side, and share this wonderful 3Dscene with majestic and noble 3Dbrontosaurus. Domestica and travels on diplodocus herbivore, or run or dare to fight to the death against bloody T-Rex.Sandra prehistoric 1

Survive all the hungry pterodactyls that are constantly monitoring the skies.And never dive into deep waters, because something evil dwells in his background, a lot darker than you could bear.

And finally, when night falls slowly and whispering enjoy the deserved rest of the warrior.

Sandra prehistoric 4

This amazing 3D Space came to life from the imagination of prolific Australian creator Jack Mccoy . An exciting trip to the past that starts from the base of a perfect interstellar ship of the future, (created masterfully in SketchUp) to a very interesting 3Djurassic animated virtual world.

We are certain you will enjoy this just as much as we did! And of course, thank you Sandra for being with us in this wonderful 3Dexploration.


Until next time,

Happy exploring, traveler!

Cinco de Mayo Fiesta in 3D Twinity

To all the party lovers,

Spring has sprung, it’s a new month and the weather is warming! And since Twinity loves to party, what better way to celebrate than with a new Twinity-sponsored event!
Cinco de Mayo Fiesta

We’ve got a great place all redecorated for you, an awesome live DJ all lined up and even a few new items for you to enjoy – all we need now is you!

Join us on Sunday May 5 for our Cinco de Mayo Fiesta!¬† 6 PM CET – 5 PM UK time or¬† 12 PM EST – if you want to find out your time exactly, you can do so here! Just introduce the event time and location, then yours and make sure you’ve got perfect timing, because this is something you do not want to miss! ;]

Don’t forget to take some cool shots and share them with everyone!

If you are not a Twinity user,Sign Up for a personal account now, by clicking  HERE!

Become a fan of Twinity on Facebook HERE!

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3D Designed For Party!!

Dear Twinizens,

As weather gets warmer so do our thoughts start flying towards warm days and most of all nights! What better way to celebrate than with a party!! After all, it’s one of the things we do best!

Share your best Twinity experiences with the world! Show them what they’ve missed, how you party, and the wonderful people you party with!

You like parties on a beach with the warm sand beneath your feet or under the lights on a hot yacht, or maybe you have a table with your name on it at the hottest club out there?!
Your parties, your experiences on canvas!

Party Time

3D Photography – Chat site party – Online

If your image will be chosen as the winner it’ll be used for Twininty splash screen and Twinity Facebook timeline image. Of course all credits will go to you and everyone will know ;]

Now, a few guidelines:

Image dimensions: 1920/1080px and 851/315 px

Your image will have to come in both dimensions.

Twinity 3D avatars and 3D scene is a must.

Time limit Apr 29, 2013.

Upload your works in http://www.Koinup.com and send an e-mail to partner@twinity.com, from, your Twinity E-mail address with the link where your image is uploaded in Koinup.

Remember: Quality matters a lot here so be careful with that.
One more thing to guide you if¬† “party”¬† isn’t enough ūüėČ think Cinco de Mayo!!!

Are you up for the challenge?! ;]

ExitReality acquires Koinup

Dear Twinizens,

Create in Twinity share in Koinup!
ExitReality is excited to announce the acquisition of social network Koinup.
A wonderful community and the first social network to share your virtual life by publishing your machinima, screenshots and virtual stories. It is all about user-generated content, whether your passion is creating pictures or videos you are sure to find a group to share them here.
A new place for you to share not only your life in 3D but also your creations, socialize with other members, give and receive feedback.
We hope you will welcome members of Koinup in the wonderful style of Twinity community.

Read more about this,  here http://www.exitreality.com/?page_id=179

Happy New Year!

Dear Twinizens,

As we leave 2012 behind, the Twinity Staff wish you a Happy New Year and best wishes for 2013! We want to thank all new and long-time users for all the support and dedication you’ve shown and for making Twinity the wonderful community that it is today !

May this year be the best year by far, have a wonderful 2013!





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