Your own virtual apartment

Hello everyone,

The title says it all. Your own virtual apartment! It gets better though, because in Twinity your own personal apartment is in an authentic real virtual city. If you’re a Twinizen you know what that means, if you’re not, join us and find out!

Chace Gesture Snapshot 640x400

Your apartment can be in 3D virtual Berlin, 3D London, Miami, you name it, choose it and move in!

The images in this post are from one of the 3 room luxurious apartments in Berlin. After you’re done decorating that free 3D apartment , we’ve seen some awesome ones done by Twinizen, you can find your dream home here .

Livingroom sample 640x360

Just choose your address and browse through the many available apartment styles until you find the property that represents you.Get a feel for it before you by by visiting the 3D Open House model apartment. See yourself in your new 3D virtual home.

Bedroom sample 640x360

Then all you have to do is settle in, decorate your 3D home to your liking choosing from a huge variety of 3D items, offered by Twinity or by Twinity members either in the 2D Shop or in the 3D Shops Twinity members have opened.
Watching TV 640x360

And now that you’re settled in, it’s time to enjoy being the master of your domain and throw a party that the 3D world has never seen before! Or… of course you can just enjoy a calm night in, watching a movie and spending time with your loved ones . Or perhaps reading a book while having a cup of tea is more to your liking!

Ms Book choice snapshot 640x360

Either way,  enjoy your own brand new home in 3D! Oh and did I mention one home is the beginning and ..the sky is the limit?! Well.. sort of! 😉


Have fun choosing your new virtual home and until next time!

Happy exploring!


3DMiami Beach Sightseeing

Hello travelers,

Sunshine, springtime and fun! If you love the sun warm sand and playing on the beach, this is the place for you! This week’s destination is New Miami Beach.

Miami Beach 3DImg 1

There is no better time to enjoy the sun and some good beach parties than, right now! And let’s admit it, it’s never too early to get ready for a summer in 3D!

Miami Beach 3DFemale 3DAvatar Img 4

The 3D location has been beautifully and carefully put together to offer you a wonderful and fun 3D experience.

Immerse yourself in this beautiful environment. Take a ‘long walk on the beach’, feel the warm sand beneath your feet and breath in the 3D salty ocean air.

3DMiami Beach Img 3

Check out for the Event Calendar and make sure you don’t miss out on the awesome 3D Beach Parties that take place there. We guarantee you’ll love every minute spent there. And don’t worry, if long walks on the beach are not your thing, there are plenty of things you can be entertained with!

Miami beach 3DPhoto 2

That is it for now, travelers. We are off to our next adventure! How about you? 😉

Just in case you missed our previous post, check out Laura’s Home and Shop here

Until next time,

Happy 3DSightseeing !

Decorate your personal space with new awesome 3D items

Hello everyone,

We come bearing awesome gifts and wonderful ideas.

Now, we all know in Twinity you can buy or rent your own awesome apartment or house in any city in the world your heart desires.

You want your own penthouse apartment in New York, Berlin, London, Paris, not only you can have it, but you can have it in a few seconds, if you don’t know how yet, you can either do so from your Twinity 3D Client or by visiting our Real-Estate Page.  And this comes with even more great news, you can have as many places as you like!! Is that awesome or what!!

Roberto's Offcie

Roberto’s Office

Of course the most important thing after having your own personal space is how you decorate it.  As  Twiniziens we love creating, decorating, partying and most of all sharing all that with people. And since so many of you have purchased or rented many spaces in the last period, we love to announce you that we have lots new items to help you guys decorate and create your dream home.

Just a few examples to get you going, you can easily search in the Shop, for: !Rave Candle & !Rave Lamp in Decor & Accessories/ Lamps/Table  or just type !Japanese and see all the items with that title.

Maybe you plan to decorate your private beach for all the hot summer nights to come, just search for Tiki.

Search for !Disco and get that club pumpin’ as soon as tomorrow!

And these are just a few examples of new items, keep checking the catalog as we constantly add new awesome objects!


Twinizens love Twinity!

Our dear Twinizens show us the love in many different ways, sometimes inworld and some others throughout the Internet! We love to read your impressions on what is great and what could be even better in Twinity and we also like to see you taking initiatives like Twiniversity or Fred’s Twinity Guide for Spanish speakers. Here a list of the Twinity lovers that made us smile:

Virtual Networkers is Lourenço’s project to merge virtual and real in the best way possible. He explores all the possibilities that Twinity has to offer in terms of promotion of national heritage, advertisement for brands, event management, real estate and of course entertainment. Apart from hosting his own events and report them in his blog, Lourenço also explores and discovers the most hidden corners of Twinity. You can also find his videos on Vimeo or on Youtube covering all type of amazing events with his friends!

Twinity Art, managed by Vlad, is the place to find the finest pieces of art produced by Twinizens. Poetry, photography, decoration or machinima, you will find very creative Twinizens around!

– Fred comes from Spain and decided to set up an starting guide for any Spanish speaker user in Twinity. You can find not only the basics but also the most advanced information about how to create in Twinity and gallery pictures with updated news of what is going on in world.

Alexandra in Berlin blog is all about the passion for Berlin’s History and urban adventures. Combined with Alexandra’s different locations and museums in world it is a great way to learn about he past and present of Twinity’s first city.

Swapnil’s thoughts highlights the events, activities and shops in Twinity that Swapnil attends and photographs. So far he has been amazed about the virtual Berlin Wall, the Twinicars shop and its Leopard car, Twinity’s Vampire Village and the recent concert of Rashklaw in Miami Beach.

Ayman is a great student of Carolyn’s Twiniversity and did his homework! He took the time to collect all the great resources explained during the Twiniversity events in Twinity and made them available online for any Twinizen searching for the best tips. Check it out!

Hexzieo‘s RL vs TL blog recounts the craziest thoughts and experiences of Hexzieo both in Real Life and in Twinity. Call it hilarious, brutally honest or disturbing, in any case fascinating 🙂

Do you have a new blog or site about Twinity? Tell us!

Avatar of the Day: Nadia

Yesterday was Nadia’s 1st Twinibirthday! In one year Nadia has made great friends and she has become one of the best Twinity Photographers! After her improvided Birthday Party, she headed to Miami Beach for Mish and Charlie’s Rock N Roll Party, where this picture was taken 😀

Congratulations Nadia, we have extremely enjoyed this year with you!

Avatar of the Day: Peppermintpattie

Peppermintpattie visited yesterday the Twinicars Shop and once she got her ride, she went directly to Miami! The car matches her wings, so Pepper: in case you win tomorrow’s London Racing Series, you would definitely be the cutest winner ever!

Featured neighborhood of the week

If your starter apartment doesn’t give
you enough space to do all you want, why not set up housekeeping at your own bigger place in one of our cities – these places in Miami would make an excellent start!

Get your own apartment in Miami

Avatar of the Day: Ashley

DJ Ashley was rocking the house at The Eminem Zone (Recovery)

Create your own Machinima – in 48 Hours!

Try for fame in The 48 Hour Film Project and have your work seen in multiple virtual worlds! The stakes are high, but as well as a chance to have it screened at MachinimaExpo 2010! This contest is patronized by Chantal Harvey, a well-known machinimatograph, and is about creating a machinima in 48 hours. From Friday, 17 September to Sunday, 19 September you should create your own machinima, finalize it and send it in! If you have questions or want to participate in the contest, contact Daniel with 48 hours film project as the subject.

Learn how to create a Machinima with our Tutorial.


Featured Items of the Week

Get ready for the weekend and equip your avatar to suit your style with items from the Edge Shop!


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