Lumas – 3D contemporary art

This week’s 3Dsightseeing destination is all about art and photography or to be more precise the representation of Luma in 3D multi-user virtual world. When we say Luma3D we refer to the contemporary art centers. You can find them online both on Lumas websites but if you didn’t know you can find them in 3D. … Continue reading

3D Fashion Contest

Hello everyone,

As the title says, there is a new contest happening in Twinity. So we thought, there is no way this won’t be fun, right?Theme of the contest is Outfit of the Day  or OOTD – everyone likes a good abbreviation 😉

Other creators are welcome to contribute for special bonus.

shot0724The rules are simple and they go exactly like this:

Send a message/ picture of your daily outfit to Angelstar in Twinity or on TDA’s official page – with message heading- OOTD Contest with the date ( if the picture is for 19th January, you will write your subject as OOTD- 19/01/16)

If you don’t have a place to upload the image, remember you can try

  • You can only send one picture per day.
  • The entries must be sent before 3pm CET
Winners will be announced by 5pm CET and Prizes are :
  • 10 G
  •  any 1 item (Clothing, Jewellery, Hair, Nails or Tattoos) of their choice from TDA or Star Shop Club.
  • Your picture featured in the main area of TDA

In TDA’s words- Start dressing up and stay fashionable! 😉

Virtual Life – 3D New Dance Moves

To all party lovers out there,

Because you Want a Better Life…Experience a New Life in the User-Created, 3D Virtual World. Become a 3D dancing machine with the new awesome  Dance Moves! Create yourself a better second life by always looking for the new items added in the Shops, every day!

A better second life with a twist!

A better second life with a twist!

Don’t miss it! Type “NEW” in the shop category and gift yourself the new cool style you deserve.
Impress your friends with your cool style and make new friends while you’re at it!  All in free virtual chat world Twinity!!
If you are not a Twinity user,Sign Up for a personal account now, by clicking  HERE!

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Decorate your personal space with new awesome 3D items

Hello everyone,

We come bearing awesome gifts and wonderful ideas.

Now, we all know in Twinity you can buy or rent your own awesome apartment or house in any city in the world your heart desires.

You want your own penthouse apartment in New York, Berlin, London, Paris, not only you can have it, but you can have it in a few seconds, if you don’t know how yet, you can either do so from your Twinity 3D Client or by visiting our Real-Estate Page.  And this comes with even more great news, you can have as many places as you like!! Is that awesome or what!!

Roberto's Offcie

Roberto’s Office

Of course the most important thing after having your own personal space is how you decorate it.  As  Twiniziens we love creating, decorating, partying and most of all sharing all that with people. And since so many of you have purchased or rented many spaces in the last period, we love to announce you that we have lots new items to help you guys decorate and create your dream home.

Just a few examples to get you going, you can easily search in the Shop, for: !Rave Candle & !Rave Lamp in Decor & Accessories/ Lamps/Table  or just type !Japanese and see all the items with that title.

Maybe you plan to decorate your private beach for all the hot summer nights to come, just search for Tiki.

Search for !Disco and get that club pumpin’ as soon as tomorrow!

And these are just a few examples of new items, keep checking the catalog as we constantly add new awesome objects!


Get your pose on!

Hey guys,

Be happy, look cool and chill with the awesome new 3D character poses.

Check them out by searching for SBP in the 2D Animation Shop, you’ll be happy you did! ;]

Little Italy - New Poses

Little Italy – New Poses

Give yourself the cool new style you deserve with these new poses! ;]


Twinity Shop of the Week Events

Shop Manager has been hosting a special series of weekly events since last July, and she’s almost been through all the Twinity-run shops.  Not to worry though, she’s been saving some of the best places for last, so if you’re only finding out about these events now you’re still in time to get in on some amazing deals!

Don't miss the amazing sale offers!

Each week she hosts the Shop of the Week event, where a different Twinity Shop is featured.  Each featured shop has at least one item on sale for only 5 globals (and don’t forget, you can use promo globals for Twinity sold items) – but only during the 1 week that the shop is featured!  If this is your first week of attending you are in for a special treat because she’s put several items on sale.  All you have to do is visit the shop and find them!



Santa Visited Twinity Early!

‘Tis the season and Santa did a warmup run for his big night by taking a trip around the world in Twinity, leaving behind lots of free gifts for all the nice Twinizens!  Starting with Christmas Island, he left 3 different gifts for males and females and if that wasn’t enough, he also left a snazzy seasonal furniture item!

Present search

Look for these items in each city to get your special limited edition Christmas gift items!

Keep your eyes open for these items – there is one of each tucked away near the landing point in Berlin Center, London, Miami, Palmadora Island, Singapore and New York City and each one has another free gift for you!  The snowmen have male items and the trees have female items.  How many can you find on your own without help?

Get out there and start your gift searches, all items are limited editions and they won’t be around very long!

Lovely Lingerie and More

Twinity’s classic lingerie shop, Belle de Jour, has been updated and you’re invited to a party to check out the changes!   It’s got new items, corrections to older items, and an exciting new emphasis on the ability to freely mix and match pieces, to let you combine pieces into a never-ending series of new looks!


Don’t forget our Spotlight Shop focus on Halloween either!  Today is your last chance to get the special sale item at The Lightworks, and tomorrow the spotlight shines on Costume Jungle!

Ready for Halloween in Twinity?

Shop Manager is getting ready for Halloween beginning today.  The Spotlight Shops and special 5gl sale items for the weeks leading up to Halloween will focus on different places that you can find costumes.  This is kicked off today with The Lightworks in the spotlight – attire suitable for Halloween parties on any planet!

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