Twinity Update

Hi everyone,

today we just released a small patch to Twinity that includes the following changes:

  • You can now share on Facebook whenever you win a new badge in Twinity.
  • We fixed a bug with teleporting to users in the city reported by Lourenco
  • We fixed a problem with the dance game once you reach level 10 reported by Bill
  • We fixed a bug with light properties reported by Ray
  • We removed the Notecard feature, because no-one really ever used it 🙂
  • We fixed a bug with special characters in the profile slogan text
  • We resorted the context-menu for places a bit, to make it more usable

And last bug not least, we did a big refactoring to the library window code. You do not see much of it because most changes are internally, but we hope you can feel the speedup of the menu. Now items are loaded much faster and they show as soon they arrive from the server.

We hope these changes make Twinity more enjoyable to you 🙂

Next in line is a bigger release that probably will take a few more weeks to complete. In this release we plan to add a more elaborate task system, with tasks, points, levels and special features you can earn by leveling up 😛

Also a new shop is planned to open next week, so stay tuned!

All the best

Twinity’s new homepage

Dear Twinizens,

you probably did not notice that got a new homepage layout since you all (hopefully :P) get directly to the logged in front page part when you visit our website. But the Twinity Team is quite proud of the new look so we want you to check it out and give us your opinion!

Do you like the pictures and mottos? Leave us a comment!

If you think you could get even sexier screenshots or tag lines, we are up for the challenge! Send us your ideas to and if you beat us, you will win a free 3 months VIP Package!

Twinity Update

Dear Twinizens,

we just released another Wednesday-Patch with a number of improvements:

1. Now you can upload pictures to your profile. They show up in Game and on This way you can share your best screenshots easily with other members or with a click of a button on Facebook:

2. We optimized the profile window, so now you can edit your slogan directly from the client, and access all important information about a member easily in one place:

3. Following a request from Ayman we added Arabic character support to our chat windows

4. Following a request from Prof we enabled naked male torsos in public places

5. We hopefully fixed a rare bug with private messages sent by blocked users reported by Mish

6. The “enable chat animation” setting now also enables the automatic idle animations and therefore is called “enable automatic animations”

7. A bug with the knock system discovered by Sweetpea was fixed

8. We did several performance optimizations

Have fun with the new client!


Twinity Update 15th April

Dear  Twinizens,

We updated today Twinity with a new patch that includes the following improvements:

1. Three major crashes were fixed 😀
2. A problem was fixed that prevented users to click on some areas of the browser surface
3. Chat emoticons icons now work with upper and lower case words
4. The ranges of the face sliders work now within much more reasonable limits

Please let us know if you detect any problem with the new patch and keep enjoying Twinity!

Your Twinity Team

Twinity Update

Dear Twinizens,

today we will release a patch to fix several bugs:

– Fixes problems with uploading transparent objects
– Fixes for wrong position of mini-map in Miami
– Several improvements for the apartment editor
– Better wording and ordering of context-menues
– “Move object here” was added to new apartments
– Avatar context-menu does not show if avatar is invisible
– Mouse-over functions are now also available in context-menu
– Fixes camera-bug with in-word shop
– Improvements to accounting back-end system

No system downtime is required for this patch, hopefully 😛 If you experience any issue after the patch, please send us a message to!

Your Twinity Team

Find the dark in the light

Even the lightest of people has a little spot of darkness somewhere inside, and our new Vampire Village area allows you to let it out to run wild.

Last week we released our first Vampire/Gothic collection, and this week we have even more dark items for you. Be sure to check out the new items, as well as the Scavenger Hunt if you haven’t already. If you haven’t met our Vampy Twinizens yet, you have a perfect opportunity at the Fangtasia Fun party at Vampire Village.

Downtime Monday at 9am

Dear Twinizens,

We are going to have a downtime between 9am-10am Berlin Time on Monday, August 30th. We will be down only 30 minutes aproximately and after that you will have a new feature that many of you will absolutely love :P! Stay tuned!

Your Twinity Team

Twinity under maintenance

Dear Twinizens,

We are sorry for the unannounced maintenance but it seems that our servers needed a little break. We’re investigating the causes for this and are working to resume service as soon as we can. Many apologies for the inconvenience.

Your Twinity Team

Downtime Friday 30th July 9am

Dear Twinizens,

We will have an update of Twinity tomorrow Friday 30th July around 9am. Expect a downtime of about 30 minutes:  the update will bring you a new city, so the reward for your patience will be HUGE! 🙂

Your Twinity Team

Downtime Monday 5th July at 9am

Dear Twinizens,

We’ll have a major update of Twinity tomorrow Monday 5th of July and we expect a downtime of 30 minutes  around 9am.  New features will be introduced and they are amazing, but we want to keep them as a great surprise, so we’ll post the release notes here in the blog after the update 😛

Your Twinity Team


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