A different 3D view of virtual worlds


It’s all about A different view! 

That.. in case you were wondering where all you’re friends were laterly! 😉


#3DPhotography: Amazona

Which ever way and any color you like to see the 3D world, there will be a pair a glasses that will give you that in the 3D online store Different View.

glasses 3

3DImage: Eo

Maybe you’re just looking for laughs! Whatever the reason…

Change your 3D Virtual World perspective from normal to sepia, black and white… and purple.. or red! 😉

Amazona heartshaped glasses

#3DPhotography: Amazona

Create your brand new 3D world just by putting on a different pair of glasses! Watch Twinity with a different view! Check the Sunglasses and the amazing color effects to be a super fashionista… Only you can see the effect.


#3DArtwork: Eo

Head on to the 3D store and have a look .. find out how to enjoy the sun in style! 😉  While we go on exploring to find the next awesome 3D destination!

Sightseeing will never be the same after visiting a Different view! 😉


Happy exploring! 🙂

Virtual Life – 3D New Dance Moves

To all party lovers out there,

Because you Want a Better Life…Experience a New Life in the User-Created, 3D Virtual World. Become a 3D dancing machine with the new awesome  Dance Moves! Create yourself a better second life by always looking for the new items added in the Shops, every day!

A better second life with a twist!

A better second life with a twist!

Don’t miss it! Type “NEW” in the shop category and gift yourself the new cool style you deserve.
Impress your friends with your cool style and make new friends while you’re at it!  All in free virtual chat world Twinity!!
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Get your pose on!

Hey guys,

Be happy, look cool and chill with the awesome new 3D character poses.

Check them out by searching for SBP in the 2D Animation Shop, you’ll be happy you did! ;]

Little Italy - New Poses

Little Italy – New Poses

Give yourself the cool new style you deserve with these new poses! ;]


Cinco de Mayo Fiesta in 3D Twinity

To all the party lovers,

Spring has sprung, it’s a new month and the weather is warming! And since Twinity loves to party, what better way to celebrate than with a new Twinity-sponsored event!
Cinco de Mayo Fiesta

We’ve got a great place all redecorated for you, an awesome live DJ all lined up and even a few new items for you to enjoy – all we need now is you!

Join us on Sunday May 5 for our Cinco de Mayo Fiesta!  6 PM CET – 5 PM UK time or  12 PM EST – if you want to find out your time exactly, you can do so here! Just introduce the event time and location, then yours and make sure you’ve got perfect timing, because this is something you do not want to miss! ;]

Don’t forget to take some cool shots and share them with everyone!

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Twinizens RL Meeting in Berlin

Time flies! As we announced last April the 3rd Twinizens RL Meeting in Berlin will be held on the weekend of the 29th to 31st of July 🙂 Here the activities suggested for any Twinizen willing to join it. All of them are open to suggestions and changes due to weather conditions and mood of everyone, send us your ideas to support@twinity.com!


– Visit Metaversum Office 😀 and of course the Twinity Team. Guests should be arriving around 16h and will have the opportunity to check out our desks, take pictures and make all those questions you ever wanted to make us LIVE! 😀

– Cocaine Cowboys beer. You don’t know what we are talking about? Well, that is exactly why you should come to Berlin!


Tourist life is a hardknock life!

– Berlin Tour starting at around 12h. Here we have 3 options: to hop on a bus around the city (highly recommended if it rains), to take the boat around the city center or to join the marathonian “Berlin with Monica” Tour that lasts 5 hours but is amazing. Your choice!

Möbel Olfe drinks at 21h to warm up 😀 before hitting the club. Being in the heart of Kreuzberg we can decide there where to go next and teleport in less than 20 minutes (we know, Twinity is faster but RL has also some advantages :P)


Badeschiff. After a hard party night, all you need is a pool and the sun to shine. We might come directly from the disco, only time to pick up all stuff in the hotel 😛

How does it sound, dear Twinizens? 😀 We will add more details and your suggestions, so keep on checking!

Your Twinity Team

Social Media Release: Virtual New York opens in Twinity!

3D online social community Twinity, the virtual world based on real people and real cities, has the ribbon cutting for the opening of its second US metropolis: Virtual New York. People from all over the world can now visit and even live in the city online 24/7.

Berlin, 22 October 2010Twinity, the virtual world based on real people and real cities, is very excited to announce the opening of its fifth international city: Virtual New York!

From 22 October 2010 Twinity takes the Big Apple to the next dimension and opens a realistic replica of the area south of Central Park in 3D. The starting point of Virtual New York is at Grand Army Plaza and from there the online community can spread out to explore the city and it’s world famous landmarks like the Trump Tower, Solow Building or the Pulitzer Fountain to mention just a few.

The city that never sleeps will live up to its name this weekend with lots of events, contests and parties. The opening will be on Friday, 22 October at 9 am EST/3 pm CET. Do not miss out and check the event calendar on twinity.com.

New York is a multicultural city and so is its virtual counterpart. It’s easy to find a new home, settle down and start a new living with the help of Twinity’s real estate market. Exclusive 3D living space is available for all members to hang out with friends or start a business and make a fortune in the virtual world.

The virtual world Twinity is currently in public beta. Register for free membership at www.twinity.com and start exploring the world today.

Read more about the other cities in Twinity

You can read more about Berlin – which was the first city that was launched in Twinity in 2008. After the great start in Europe, Asia was next on the agenda when Singapore was first set up. Later we returned to the European continent and created London. In the summer of 2010 we went across the Atlantic Ocean and opened up the first American city in Miami followed by New York in October.

More info can be found here: Berlin | Singapore | London | Miami | New York

Cities interested in building a 3D representation can find more information here: www.twinity.com/en/mycity.

– END –

Find press pictures to Virtual New York on Flickr.

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Information about Metaversum and Twinity:
Metaversum develops and operates the 3D mirror world Twinity. The vision behind Twinity is to bring the real and the virtual worlds closer together by building realistic replicas of the world’s most vibrant cities in 3D. Berlin, Singapore, London and Miami have already launched in Twinity. New York is the latest city that has opened. Twinity members can create a personal avatar, explore real cities virtually, move into a 3D home, chat with friends, work, get creative, or just have fun together.

Twinity offers businesses new ways of engaging with real people in real virtual cities. Through virtual shops and branded presences, in-world ad campaigns, product placement, and real and virtual sponsored events, Twinity lets you enter into a genuine, emotive dialog with your target group. Twinity is currently in public beta and open for business. Founded in July 2006 and financed by leading venture capital firms, Metaversum has offices in Berlin, Singapore, Kiev, and Potsdam. More information can be found at www.metaversum.com and www.twinity.com.

Twinity Social Media Newsroom: www.twinity.com/en/newsroom

Do you have any questions or require additional material?

Barbara Ecker
Senior Manager Communication & Brand
Metaversum GmbH | Twinity.com
Rungestrasse 20 | 10179 Berlin | Germany
E: barbara@metaversum.com
F: +49 30 847 12 25 – 23

Featured items of the week

To help you deck out your new starter apartment, Twinity offers you a broad range of interiors and furniture. Check
out these three shops to get an overview, or join a guided shopping tour.

The Living Room furniture shop
The Palm Leaf furniture shop
The Baroque furniture shop

Find the dark in the light

Even the lightest of people has a little spot of darkness somewhere inside, and our new Vampire Village area allows you to let it out to run wild.

Last week we released our first Vampire/Gothic collection, and this week we have even more dark items for you. Be sure to check out the new items, as well as the Scavenger Hunt if you haven’t already. If you haven’t met our Vampy Twinizens yet, you have a perfect opportunity at the Fangtasia Fun party at Vampire Village.

Win 500 Globals!

Invite your friends and win 500 Globals!
Twinity is announcing a new contest: Invite as many friends as you possibly can and compete about 500 Globals!

The contest will run from Thursday the 23rd of September until noon on Friday the 30th of September at 12:00 p.m (CET).

All information can be found here

Beautiful places by great people

Many of the new starter apartments have already been decorated and home to great housewarming parties – you can see the best of the places in our Starter Apartment Tour

If they inspire you but you need a bit of help getting started, check out our daily live tutorial events, such as the How To Decorate Tutorial

If you need motivation, you could win a nice 250 Globals – In addition to our weekly Apartment of the Week contest on our Facebook page, we’ll be doing the same thing for Starter Apartments.

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