2016 Valentine’s Day

Hello Twinizens,

First, we want to say thank you it is super exciting to get your messages and emails about Twinity Artwork and 3DPhotography ideas and wanting to get involved in that!

Since Valentine’s Day is approaching so quickly, and we all have a special someone out there, lover, friend, sister, brother, parents, we thought you might want to show the world who is your special someone and how wonderful he, she or they are. 🙂


Entry images will be accepted until February 7, 2016.

For details and guidelines on How To create the image, check out the Twinity Artwork post .

Looking forward to see what you guys create! 🙂




3D Fashion Contest

Hello everyone,

As the title says, there is a new contest happening in Twinity. So we thought, there is no way this won’t be fun, right?Theme of the contest is Outfit of the Day  or OOTD – everyone likes a good abbreviation 😉

Other creators are welcome to contribute for special bonus.

shot0724The rules are simple and they go exactly like this:

Send a message/ picture of your daily outfit to Angelstar in Twinity or on TDA’s official page – with message heading- OOTD Contest with the date ( if the picture is for 19th January, you will write your subject as OOTD- 19/01/16)

If you don’t have a place to upload the image, remember you can try www.koinup.com

  • You can only send one picture per day.
  • The entries must be sent before 3pm CET
Winners will be announced by 5pm CET and Prizes are :
  • 10 G
  •  any 1 item (Clothing, Jewellery, Hair, Nails or Tattoos) of their choice from TDA or Star Shop Club.
  • Your picture featured in the main area of TDA

In TDA’s words- Start dressing up and stay fashionable! 😉

3D Designed For Party!!

Dear Twinizens,

As weather gets warmer so do our thoughts start flying towards warm days and most of all nights! What better way to celebrate than with a party!! After all, it’s one of the things we do best!

Share your best Twinity experiences with the world! Show them what they’ve missed, how you party, and the wonderful people you party with!

You like parties on a beach with the warm sand beneath your feet or under the lights on a hot yacht, or maybe you have a table with your name on it at the hottest club out there?!
Your parties, your experiences on canvas!

Party Time

3D Photography – Chat site party – Online

If your image will be chosen as the winner it’ll be used for Twininty splash screen and Twinity Facebook timeline image. Of course all credits will go to you and everyone will know ;]

Now, a few guidelines:

Image dimensions: 1920/1080px and 851/315 px

Your image will have to come in both dimensions.

Twinity 3D avatars and 3D scene is a must.

Time limit Apr 29, 2013.

Upload your works in http://www.Koinup.com and send an e-mail to partner@twinity.com, from, your Twinity E-mail address with the link where your image is uploaded in Koinup.

Remember: Quality matters a lot here so be careful with that.
One more thing to guide you if  “party”  isn’t enough 😉 think Cinco de Mayo!!!

Are you up for the challenge?! ;]

3D Event Competition Winners

The day you have all been waiting for is finally here!  We have the winners of the photo competition!

Before we announce the winners though, we want to say one thing, it was not an easy choice. You have all done a wonderful job and it’s been a pleasure to go through all the images you submitted.

And now, enough talk, let’s get to the fun part!!

500 Globals for both best 3D Scene and Outfit go to…*drum roll* Pammy!!!

3D Winner Best Scene

3D Winner Best Scene & Outfit

Pammy’s title for the image is “Our Group” and what a group of good looking people they are :]! Congrats Pammy, we hope you get everyone a nice Valentine’s gift in 3D – Now you just don’t have a choice, do you?! ;]

While Pammy celebrates in 3D we’re moving to our next winner. The drum roll would be more suited here… Why you’d ask. I’ll let you figure it out for yourselves : D

Title of Best Scene and winner of 250 Globals go to Fred Madrid

Best Scene

Best Scene

Since you like photography, especially 3D photography maybe ;] , we hope the Globals  will help you build in 3D places that will be the subject of even more wonderful photos! Enjoy!

Moving on to our next winner! Someone is going to be double happy today and by the looks of it even more so on Valentine’s Day!  Pammy with her image, called  “Large size Bill and Pam formal” wins 250 Globals!!

Large size Bill and Pam formal

Lovely couple, enjoy your prize!! ;]

We want to thank all of those who entered the competition and if you didn’t win, next time is your turn!!

Don’t miss our on our future competitions,  and to quote from Pammy’s image ” Live, Laugh, Love” now what says Twinity better than that!?


Until next time  dear Twinizens! ;]


large size bill and pam formal.jpg
867K   View   Download  

Create in 3D – Twinity Event Competition

Dear Twinizens,

Since Valentine’s Day is approaching fast we thought we’d greet it with a competition. Competition starts today and is ending on February 10 2013. Last day in which submissions will be taken into account.
If you are Anti-Valentine’s Day, that’s ok! We have room for you!

The rules are simple!

Dress to impress and take a photo in your favorite place in 3D Twinity.
A private personal space, or one of the many awesome places we have in the 3D chat-site, you choose!
The image dimensions must be Width 1920px and Height 1080px.
It can be a portrait of yourself or of your special someone, a couple photo or a group photo.
Sounds too good? There is no such thing! ;]

We’re after the most creative image!

3D Model

3D Photography

So it can be Photoshopped or not, creativity is not only in the Photoshop skills, remember that when you set up or dress up for the snapshot! ;]
It gets better!! You can have the most creative outfit or be in the most creative scene or both!!

And since it’s Valentine’s we decided to choose our winners differently. And by different we mean:

Most Creative image (this includes both scene and costume)  500 Globals
Most creative scenery 250 Globals
Most Creative outfit 250 Globals

And as you probably guessed, there is no specific theme : But if you are fond of Lover’s Month, you can make it Valentine’s Day ;]

Where to upload or send the images you’d ask , well that’s easy:
If you own a Koinup account then you can upload your image in your personal Koinup account.
If you have a Facebook account, post the image to your personal Facebook account and Twinity’s account. You can have your friends give it a Thumbs up!

After you upload the image, send us and e-mail at partner@twinity.com, with  the image as an attachment along with the link of where it is uploaded.
Add your username and make the subject of the e-mail:”Photo Competition Entry

Annnd that’s it! Start doing what you guys do best.. Create and have fun!! ;]

Twinity’s new homepage

Dear Twinizens,

you probably did not notice that Twinity.com got a new homepage layout since you all (hopefully :P) get directly to the logged in front page part when you visit our website. But the Twinity Team is quite proud of the new look so we want you to check it out and give us your opinion!

Do you like the pictures and mottos? Leave us a comment!

If you think you could get even sexier screenshots or tag lines, we are up for the challenge! Send us your ideas to globals@twinity.com and if you beat us, you will win a free 3 months VIP Package!

Avatar of the Week: Sami and Sun

This week we had big difficulties to choose Twinity’s Avatar of the Week! We had 19 submissions and some of them with more than 30 Likes, but the most voted and with best quality, the two main requisites, is Sami and Sun‘s with their sexy candy! We love the headphones and the tops too! Is that all made by Vampire Queen? :O

Congratulations ladies! You just won 100 Globals each and a beautiful badge!

Avatar of the Week

Have you seen the new Avatar of the Week? She is Vicky in a shining Kill Bill version!

Avatar of the week

Sapphirerose, avatar of the week
And the nominees goes to … Sapphirerose! Yes, she is our new avatar of the week and ther picture will be on Twinity’s fanpage for the entire weekend! Good job Sapphirerose!

Avatar of the Week

Here you are the Avatar of the Week: Susie Asquith Brown, she will have her picture on our Facebook for the entire weekend!
We want to thanks Susie and all the amazing partecipants!

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