3DMiami Beach Sightseeing

Hello travelers,

Sunshine, springtime and fun! If you love the sun warm sand and playing on the beach, this is the place for you! This week’s destination is New Miami Beach.

Miami Beach 3DImg 1

There is no better time to enjoy the sun and some good beach parties than, right now! And let’s admit it, it’s never too early to get ready for a summer in 3D!

Miami Beach 3DFemale 3DAvatar Img 4

The 3D location has been beautifully and carefully put together to offer you a wonderful and fun 3D experience.

Immerse yourself in this beautiful environment. Take a ‘long walk on the beach’, feel the warm sand beneath your feet and breath in the 3D salty ocean air.

3DMiami Beach Img 3

Check out for the Event Calendar and make sure you don’t miss out on the awesome 3D Beach Parties that take place there. We guarantee you’ll love every minute spent there. And don’t worry, if long walks on the beach are not your thing, there are plenty of things you can be entertained with!

Miami beach 3DPhoto 2

That is it for now, travelers. We are off to our next adventure! How about you? 😉

Just in case you missed our previous post, check out Laura’s Home and Shop here http://wp.me/p1R6Yx-1LH

Until next time,

Happy 3DSightseeing !

ExitReality’s Acquisition of Twinity

As you are aware, ExitReality has recently acquired Twinity. We are equally aware that Twinizens have many questions about this. Here is a summary of the questions we have received so far, and ExitReality’s answers to them.


Q: Where can I find out more about the acquisition?

A: You can read more here 


Q: Who are ExitReality?

A: They are a company that is dedicated to 3D on the web. Read more here


Q: Will Twinity close?

A: No


Q: What are ExitReality’s plans for Twinity?

A: We want to help Twinity grow and become part of a great suite of ExitReality virtual/3D offerings.


Q: Things have been stagnant for several months now, will this change?

A: Yes. As part of ExitReality, Twinity will have access to more resources for things like customer support, server support and server maintenance.


Q: Will anything change about VIP memberships.

A: Changes are likely eventually, but none are planned for the immediate future. Future changes are likely because with any premium offering, we constantly look for ways to make it more attractive for people to purchase. This means that you should not see negative changes when they eventually come.


Q: Will the cities be reactivated, if so when?

A: Unknown


Q: If the cities come back, will city real estate be rentable or only available for purchase?

A: Unknown


Q: Will google city maps be returning

A: Unknown


Q: Will Age Verification be added so we do not have to have an Access Passes for adult content?

A: This is actually separate questions:

  • Age Verification: Unknown
  • Access Passes: These will stay as a separate 1-time purchase option. This must remain a separate option to ensure that no one is exposed to such content unknowingly or unwillingly.


Q: Will Twinity continue to be an adult only world?

A: Yes – younger users are encouraged to try ExitReality’s music virtual world called vSide.  Learn more about it here.


Q: Will someone be continuing to monitor social media?

A: Yes, and you will see a great deal more activity on social media from us.


Q: Will anyone from the Metaversum team become part of the ExitReality team?

A: Various resources are being evaluated to see where they will perform best. Twinity’s lead community manager Carolyn will continue in her current role for ExitReality. Key people that will not be joining the ExitReality team, such as the Metaversum CEO will still assist with transition efforts and knowledge transfer as long as needed.


Q: Will the community team be expanded?

A: Our community manager has fully deployed the new moderator and mentor groups, this should address many issues. Additional staff are already assisting in community management. We will continually review the structure and modify it as needed to ensure quality experiences and responsiveness for our members.


Q: Will there be new servers?

A: Yes, everything will be moved from Metaversum to ExitReality servers.


Q: When things go wrong will we be made aware of what is going on?

A: Yes


Q: Will our website be changed to provide faster access to information about server status or problems?

A: Yes


Q: Does ExitReality have set downtimes for updates / maintenance?

A: Yes, notifications will be made regarding planned downtimes. However through the transition if anything does fall over we will make our best efforts to respond promptly.


Q: Where are the servers moving to?

A: San Francisco, California, USA


Q: Will there be a re-grand opening / launch?

A: Unknown


Q: When will we come out of Beta?

A: Unknown


Q: Will there be a global buyback system to encourage our content creators?

A: Unknown


Q: Will any ExitReality staff meet with us inworld periodically?

A: Unknown


Q: When will we see new client updates?

A: We do not have projected dates yet as this is dependent on how well the server and programming transitions go. We don’t want to give dates at this point and raise expectations that unforeseen migration issues would prevent us from meeting.


Q: Does ExitReality use voice chat? If so, will it return to Twinity?

Q: Will the casino be brought back?

Q: Will other games such as slot machines and card games be added?

Q: Will we be able to right click on a person to automatically submit their specific account ID when reporting them like you can do in vSide?

Q: Will we get the ability to clear all Twinity mail messages with one button click?

A: Specific code updates are not determined yet. This will be reviewed when we are further into the transition process.


Staff members at both Twinity and ExitReality are excited about Twinity’s potential and are really looking forward to seeing the community and the technology continue to grow.


See you in-world!


Lovely Lingerie and More

Twinity’s classic lingerie shop, Belle de Jour, has been updated and you’re invited to a party to check out the changes!   It’s got new items, corrections to older items, and an exciting new emphasis on the ability to freely mix and match pieces, to let you combine pieces into a never-ending series of new looks!


Don’t forget our Spotlight Shop focus on Halloween either!  Today is your last chance to get the special sale item at The Lightworks, and tomorrow the spotlight shines on Costume Jungle!

Ready for Halloween in Twinity?

Shop Manager is getting ready for Halloween beginning today.  The Spotlight Shops and special 5gl sale items for the weeks leading up to Halloween will focus on different places that you can find costumes.  This is kicked off today with The Lightworks in the spotlight – attire suitable for Halloween parties on any planet!

Twinity Update

Hi everyone,

today we just released a small patch to Twinity that includes the following changes:

  • You can now share on Facebook whenever you win a new badge in Twinity.
  • We fixed a bug with teleporting to users in the city reported by Lourenco
  • We fixed a problem with the dance game once you reach level 10 reported by Bill
  • We fixed a bug with light properties reported by Ray
  • We removed the Notecard feature, because no-one really ever used it 🙂
  • We fixed a bug with special characters in the profile slogan text
  • We resorted the context-menu for places a bit, to make it more usable

And last bug not least, we did a big refactoring to the library window code. You do not see much of it because most changes are internally, but we hope you can feel the speedup of the menu. Now items are loaded much faster and they show as soon they arrive from the server.

We hope these changes make Twinity more enjoyable to you 🙂

Next in line is a bigger release that probably will take a few more weeks to complete. In this release we plan to add a more elaborate task system, with tasks, points, levels and special features you can earn by leveling up 😛

Also a new shop is planned to open next week, so stay tuned!

All the best

VIP Update is Live

We just released the VIP Update! You find all the information about the new VIP Pass here:


Right now, we are un-hiding a ton of new cool VIP-items in the shop. The Shop Manager will update you on what is available soon. In addition to all the bug-fixes and improvements mentioned in the previous blog post we also added two little things:

1. If you send a postcard to Facebook from the client you will get a little reward (15 Globals per upload, once a day)

2. We optimized many database requests, so now you get faster results if you open the Places menu and the Community menus.

As there was also quite a bit of code cleanup (especially in the parts for gifting, buying, logging in, friend handling), I really hope we did not break anything. Please let us know using  “Send feedback” if you spot new bugs. Next update is already in the pipeline: yet another update to our places menu, that will make it faster and easier to use and will show top Twinity places more prominent.

See you in Twinity!


Twinity Update June 15th

Dear Twinizens,

we made an small update today in our Twinity client:

– We added the Access Pass
– We fixed the possibility to make gifts with drag and drop, it was broken :O
– We added new fonts and colors for avatar names
– We changed the order of the inventory (now newest items are on top) 😀
– We made one performance improvement

If you have questions or experience issues let us know with an email to support@twinity.com!

Twinity Update on 7th July

Dear Twinizens,

hopefully you patched already! With today’s new update we could add to Twinity several improvements:

1. We have now a very brand new special location for the Dance Challenge called “Party Island”. You can visit anytime or join the event tomorrow 😀 to check on the high-score lists displaying the best players and the additions we made to the Twinity Jukebox!
2. We made several bug-fixes to the Twinity Launcher, which is still not turned on by default, but you can always activate it to check it out. You can find the instructions here, see point n.4 🙂
4. In-World links now can be used on objects to open UI-Windows (use the following special keywords: #Shop, #Animations, #MiniMap, #Places, #CustomizeAvatar, #Community, #Inbox, #FriendList when setting a teleport link)
5. Two new preferences in the settings menu were added:
– Ability to disable auto chat animations
– Ability to disable notifications when someone enters your place
6. Bugfix: It is now possible again to enter Marius skate shop, so go and get your skateboards ready!

We hope you like all of it, let us know if there is any problem contacting us using support@twinity.com 🙂

Your Twinity Team

Changes on Twinity.com

If you opened today in the afternoon Twinity.com without being logged in, you probably noticed some changes 😀 We did modify the interface for new users with an initial slide showing the many different possibilities that Twinity has to offer. In addition, the Choose Your Free Avatar! button takes you to a new way to start in Twinity: the Avatar Selector. You can check the 15 different new default avatars before you login in the client and decide what suits you best! Do you like them? Which one would you choose?

Twinity Update on Friday 10th June

Dear Twinizens, more new stuff coming to Twinity!

We just released:

1. A brand new “Rent space menu” in Twinity client, with much nicer layout and usability and BIG preview images. This new menu will be improved in the next release with more content!

2. We included preparations for new “Rent land outside feature” and environment creation to come in next release 😀

3. A fix to the Send Postcard to Facebook feature. Now when you click to the post a bigger version of the postcard opens and all the images are added to the Place on Twinity.com. Send a couple of postcards from your favourite place and check it out!

4. A fix for one of the most usual causes to crash, so Twinity gets more stable from update to update.

5. A fix for click-on-map bug, let us know if you still have problems with it!

6. You asked for it and you got it: we added a pause button to the Disco Challenge game in Miami Beach!

7. Changes to improve handling of  “Teleport back to last space”

We would be very grateful if you could send us feedback as soon as you detect any issue related to these improvements. That way we can fix them as soon as possible in the next release. We would also like to apologise for posting the information last minute, Fridays are very intense in the Metaversum Office!

Thank you for understanding and enjoy the new features!

Your Twinity Team

PS. This is what it takes to deliver 😀 All of it was found in one particular desk in the office, could you guess whose was it?


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