A different 3D view of virtual worlds


It’s all about A different view! 

That.. in case you were wondering where all you’re friends were laterly! 😉


#3DPhotography: Amazona

Which ever way and any color you like to see the 3D world, there will be a pair a glasses that will give you that in the 3D online store Different View.

glasses 3

3DImage: Eo

Maybe you’re just looking for laughs! Whatever the reason…

Change your 3D Virtual World perspective from normal to sepia, black and white… and purple.. or red! 😉

Amazona heartshaped glasses

#3DPhotography: Amazona

Create your brand new 3D world just by putting on a different pair of glasses! Watch Twinity with a different view! Check the Sunglasses and the amazing color effects to be a super fashionista… Only you can see the effect.


#3DArtwork: Eo

Head on to the 3D store and have a look .. find out how to enjoy the sun in style! 😉  While we go on exploring to find the next awesome 3D destination!

Sightseeing will never be the same after visiting a Different view! 😉


Happy exploring! 🙂


Dark Fashion in Virtual Worlds

Hello virtual travelers,

We loved taking a peek in the Virtual Fashion world last week and checking out the events in the 3D world and since last week’s post was about glam and catwalks we thought we’d ask around a bit for a few other type of fashion in 3D.

Dark Fashion Eo2 640x400

3D image “conspicuously dark” by Eo

And what we got..? Well we got a lot of excitement and a great answer on our call for artwork and of course a few good tips on some of the stores for 3D Dark Fashion. Such as Gothic M Vampire Queen‘s 3Donline store in Twinity , Dungeon of Goths, Gothic Shop and many more.

Dark Fashion JC 1 640x400

#3DPhotography “..darkly Inclined” by Eo

While the main style you think of when saying Dark fashion is Goth style, we’ll stick to the term of Dark since you can find so many variations of it in the Twinity stores.  Choose any of the 3D alternative styles & store and you’re ready to shop & dress in style in 3D. Whether single or choosing the couples fashion way, we’re certain and would love to see how you dress-up your avatar and create the new cool you!

Darkfashion Eo 1 640x400

3DArwork “..pale” by Eo

If this style doesn’t have your heart yet, after you explore the mysteriousand  antiquated features we are certain it will… just dare! After all, it’s a new life in 3D. 😉

And with a promise for more virtual artwork on this subject we’ll leave you with Amazona’s beautiful and creative 3D Artwork.000356381


Until next time,

Whether it’s sightseeing, styles or self… happy exploring!


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