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Hello everyone,

If Digital Art, 3D photography in Virtual Worlds are some of the things you’re interested in then read on because this is for you.
We have had a few requests for this from a few Twinity members .

As you probably noticed, we have been posting Twinity artworks. That includes photos taken at parties or when visiting places in Twinity, new creations and designs, or 3DPhotography that take the Twinity 3D experience and transform it into an image that expresses an idea, sentiment, transporting us into your own 3D world life.

Since we already talked to those of you with existing artworks, already, this is for those that don’t know about it but would like to get involved.
You are the one building the Twinity experiences, it lives through you and your wonderful ideas. Show others who you are and how you experience the 3D world and live as Twinizen!

Here is what we came up with based on the requests we received.

Image Details
We posted some themes or ideas, like Halloween for example, x-mas , Thanksgiving, here Holidays and Celebrations You can choose any of those ideas to base your 3D artwork on.


  • General Audience content – Which means we can not use images that include Adult Content – what we use the Access Pass for in Twinity
  • Include the Twinity logo as seen in other images we used for the Log-in screen or Facebook (this can be e-mailed to you when you express interest to create an image). The logo can not change color or structure
  • Image Dimensions:
    • Log-in Screen 1920 pixels wide by 1080 pixels tall
    • Facebook cover 851 pixels wide by 315 pixels tall
    • Twitter 1263 pixels wide by 421 pixels tall
    • Various ad dimensions – this depends on the place where we advertise and dimensions will be communicated when your image is selected.
  • Storage recommendations: (where you can store/ upload your photos).
    • – as a centralised place where Twinity can check for new uploaded images. Which means, you just have to uploaded there and there is no need to even e-mail it to us or post it on fb. If we choose your image, we will e-mail you and let you know. 
    • Your own blog, your facebook account, Flickr / Tumblr – any other image hosting site.
    • Post the image on Twinity’s Facebook page  and send us a message with your Twinity account link.

As an example.3D x-mas Navidad

The image selected for the login screen and Facebook cover for December. A beautiful image created by Sandra. We sent her a set of Terms & Conditions which she accepted, chose to edit her own Photoshop file, adding the Twinity logo and sent us the end result.

If you have existing artwork you want us to have a look at, e-mail us the link and we’ll check it out. If we choose your image, we will contact you and if you want to allow Twinity to use it, there are two options.

  • You create the image yourself and then add the Twinity Logo for the specified dimensions
  • You send us the .psd file and we add the logo and post your image – all credits going to you of course – including your Twinity username and if you wish a link to your Twinity profile.

Can’t wait to see what you guys create!

Hapy Holidays!
The Twinity Team.


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