Twinity Update

Hi everyone,

today we just released a small patch to Twinity that includes the following changes:

  • You can now share on Facebook whenever you win a new badge in Twinity.
  • We fixed a bug with teleporting to users in the city reported by Lourenco
  • We fixed a problem with the dance game once you reach level 10 reported by Bill
  • We fixed a bug with light properties reported by Ray
  • We removed the Notecard feature, because no-one really ever used it πŸ™‚
  • We fixed a bug with special characters in the profile slogan text
  • We resorted the context-menu for places a bit, to make it more usable

And last bug not least, we did a big refactoring to the library window code. You do not see much of it because most changes are internally, but we hope you can feel the speedup of the menu. Now items are loaded much faster and they show as soon they arrive from the server.

We hope these changes make Twinity more enjoyable to you πŸ™‚

Next in line is a bigger release that probably will take a few more weeks to complete. In this release we plan to add a more elaborate task system, with tasks, points, levels and special features you can earn by leveling up πŸ˜›

Also a new shop is planned to open next week, so stay tuned!

All the best


2 responses to “Twinity Update

  1. awesome update as ussualy – 2 little thingies btw – last 5-6 months i must reinstall twitniy with every new update, cause installation of update crashes on my win7 – since i can install whole client in 5 minutes, its not such a problem, and ussualy i clean cash and delete all libraries prior to new installation, what makes all that process usefull. / But, next thing give me big headache last 5 days – Since i temporary lost my high speed flat rate net, few days ago, im using mobile wirelless stick, and connection is ok, but little slower. But since i started to run Twinity with this new connection – one thing make me real problems – I can get no single privat chat msg, and i can see Twinmail only on web pages.. This make big confusion, cause some people think that i don’t want to respond on their msgs, which are mostly connected with job in Twinity. I hope that thing will settle down when i come back to twinity with fast internet again, what could be in few days. (Not that privat chat msgs come slower to me/they dont come to me at all, same as any popups, or friend online warnings etc… and most of people just see me offline, while Twinity work normaly).

  2. Yes Vlad, we know 3 Twinizens including you have difficulties to patch but whenever we check, we find no reason for it. There is a new update coming in around 2 weeks and after that we will slow down a bit, in the sense we will try to release updates every 3 weeks at most. Lately we had a bunch of new features to introduce, which we hope you liked πŸ™‚ Also you can go to Settings and uncheck the box “Notify me if someone enters my place” and check “Don’t show again” on pop ups, so you get less πŸ™‚

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