Twinity’s new homepage

Dear Twinizens,

you probably did not notice that got a new homepage layout since you all (hopefully :P) get directly to the logged in front page part when you visit our website. But the Twinity Team is quite proud of the new look so we want you to check it out and give us your opinion!

Do you like the pictures and mottos? Leave us a comment!

If you think you could get even sexier screenshots or tag lines, we are up for the challenge! Send us your ideas to and if you beat us, you will win a free 3 months VIP Package!


4 responses to “Twinity’s new homepage

  1. LOL you know how good my screenshots are 😛
    Feel free to use pics from my blog and facebook Twinity. Thats what they are there for!

    Hexzieo (Stuart)

  2. Dear Hexzieo, we do know your work but you need to submit one particular image if you want to join the challenge 🙂 Give it a bit of thought on your favourite one and send it to us with the motto you would like to go with it!

  3. Hex

    Well, isn’t that Hex GoldWrap dress in the 1st pic! (and it’s in the 2d shop, folks… just sayin’… lol)

  4. Hehehehe yes, very nice design Hex! So you like the new look of

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