Twinity Update

Dear Twinizens,

we just released another Wednesday-Patch with a number of improvements:

1. Now you can upload pictures to your profile. They show up in Game and on This way you can share your best screenshots easily with other members or with a click of a button on Facebook:

2. We optimized the profile window, so now you can edit your slogan directly from the client, and access all important information about a member easily in one place:

3. Following a request from Ayman we added Arabic character support to our chat windows

4. Following a request from Prof we enabled naked male torsos in public places

5. We hopefully fixed a rare bug with private messages sent by blocked users reported by Mish

6. The “enable chat animation” setting now also enables the automatic idle animations and therefore is called “enable automatic animations”

7. A bug with the knock system discovered by Sweetpea was fixed

8. We did several performance optimizations

Have fun with the new client!



3 responses to “Twinity Update

  1. Yay! We hope you guys like the new version and also the possibility to comment using your Facebook, WordPress and Twitter account 🙂

  2. Great that u noticed people appeal and fix the probs and also imporving the twinity life that it would be more interesting keep up good work. 🙂

  3. facebook test post 😡

    Took kinda long to login with facebook o.O

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