New Floating Spaces and Outdoors Furniture

You probably noticed already or some other Twinizen pointed it out to you: with the Real Estate changes that were introduced, the places outside the cities got more exciting than ever! 10 days ago we released 4 new templates: village, moon, desert and void for you to starting to get a taste of the freedom to build. We have already seen amazing places such as Planet of Grapes or Dawn’s Sweet Spot for example.

And not only that, we also added an Outdoor folder in the furniture part of the 2D shop, the one you can access anywhere and anytime in world. There you will find around 200 new objects to decorate the outside environments and believe us when we tell you that there are many more to come! Search “NEW” in the 2D shop and keep an eye on it, we will update it regularly! Let us know what do you think about the new places and items!


2 responses to “New Floating Spaces and Outdoors Furniture

  1. Jessie

    I like the new look of the website, new templates are cool, hope you keep adding to them.

  2. monica

    We are very happy you like them 😀 ❤

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