New Patch

Hello Twinizens,
we have released a New Patch for you, it contains some changes that you’ll love!

1. Building outside is limited now:
– Not possible in starter apartments and city-apartments
– Not possible in floating places unless you buy a size upgrade:
a. King size (40.000 sqm for 150 G/month)
b. King of the world size (1.000.000 sqm for additional 250 G /month)
– All existing floating places are king size

2. Shop functionality is limited now
– Not possible in starter apartment
– Possible in all city places
– Not possible in floating places unless you buy the shop upgrade package for 200 G/month
– All existing floating places get the shop package for free

3. Membership is now deactivated
– Basic members now can do everything (buy unlimited places, open a shop, upload items, etc.)

4. Kick function was reworked
– Now flatmates, owners, tenants are allowed to kick
– Kick is only possible from right-klick menu

5. Block function was improved
– The block state is now permanent unless you un-block

Please let us know if you detect any problem with the new patch and keep enjoying Twinity!

Your Twinity Team


20 responses to “New Patch

  1. Boo

    This is limited and that is limited, this is no longer possible and that is no longer possible. Thereby increasing the interest in Twinity is determined to swallows its pride. Does it really gain you more customers or the customer can keep? I do not believe it! There are people who learn first from a wrong decision!

  2. Mish

    At our meeting we specifically asked about still being able to do things with our existing properties which we have purchased. We were told we would be fine. I have 8 purchased properties which now I can no longer do anything with unless I fork out 150gs per month. 1350gs per month??? Come on. This was not discussed. I listened very carefully and asked specific questions. I purchased the properties to ensure I would not have to pay rent. Now.. I have to pay rent to do anything on the properties I own? I have always supported Twinity. Now I am being robbed for supporting you.

  3. Sami

    You shouldn’t need to fork out anything Mish hun? – All existing floating places are king size automatically.

  4. Wow, well I have to say that I 100% applaud these new changes!

    1) People were abusing the “build outside” feature too much to undermine the real estate market and get out of having to pay for more properties when they ran out of space.

    2) Thank you for disabling the store functionality for starter apts. Again, using the free starter apartment to set up shop was a case of abuse no matter which way you sliced it!

    3) I’m very surprised that you now allow basic memberships to own and run stores. This will definitely result in more commercial activity on the part of members– I hope! It remains to be seen.

  5. Ludo

    I discovered Twinity a couple of month ago.

    I think lot of people will leave with this limitation.

    Why you just don’t make some free zone. I mean buy a place with no house and have to pay a limited size zone, the rent isn’t cool for people who already bought a place. Or buy an upgrade, but no rent please 😦

  6. Jo B

    I believe Mish is actually talking about her PURCHASED properties, not rented floating spaces. Anyway, I’m still interested to see if and when cashout opportunities are available for independent developers on here who’ve worked hard creating stuff to make Twinity an interesting and diverse place. So is there much about these current changes I “love”? The jury’s out on that one.


  8. Monica

    Guys, sorry I didnt answer earlier!

    As I informed everyone in world, those specific/special cases (owned places in the city) need manual change and will be processed as soon as possible. In the meeting it was said so, but also that it needed a very specific change in the system that cannot be done automatically 🙂 Most of you talked to me in world and we did clarify that, but still, only to note we are on it 😀

  9. i got problems, and i believe well solve them…. im sure well enjoy further… thats all….

  10. Jack

    If I want to open a shop i have to pay at least 500G per month now for it. Why would I do that? Twinity is not so important! It was fun in Twinity to do something, under these conditions I use Twinity only as a 3D chat and nothing more! I’m sorry, but that’s your fault!

  11. Donna Monica ho tolto tutto il disordine creato intorno a ogni casa la vista è libera non intendo costruire poichè amo le belle cose ma visto quello che era stato concesso mi sono permessa di volere abbellire e non disordinare il mondo di twinity che per me era un gioco un antistress lei donna Monica che non ha mai accettato che io mettessi a disposizione tutto per il divertimento di tutti guidato dalla sua illustre persona perchè io SONO QUALCUNO e dunque amo far sentire importante chi è nessuno.Mi spiace per tutti coloro che in Twinity pongono buone intenzioni o che sono lì per un tozzo di pane perchè con lei se sono uomini e la sanno ossequiare forse va bene quanto racconto non vuole essere offensivo ma è ciò che ho vissuto con lei.Spero che al di sopra della sua persona esista qualcuno in grado di darmi delle spiegazioni molti membri in Twinity sono miei amici e venuti insieme a me e non solo italiani per fortuna non ne conoscete i nomi.Le avevo scritto una mail privata e dettagliata per non mettere in piazza il fatto tra due persone ma lei non mi ha risposto adeguatamente ne in modo esaudiente e per questo ho scritto nel blog.

  12. Jo B

    I put all of the above post in Babel translator from Italian to English and still didn’t underword a word. lol

  13. Michael

    I just logged back in after a being absent for a while. “Changes you’ll love” ??? since when!
    I PURCHASED property, where I got told I AM ALLOWED to build OUTSIDE, in order to offer MORE objects for twinizens to purchase. Because the space of ALL offered properties ARE WAY TOO LIMITED (in other words, they are tooooooo small)
    I payed (like a lot of others) REAL MONEY to get the properties I wanted to have for MY shop. And now I’m not even able to expand or change offers?? That’s ridiculous.
    You Twinity, want US to pay in order to OWN the property (thats ok) but then you want us furthermore to RENT something in addition to the PAYMENT we made already, to be able to use the shop (in my case) the way I want it?
    I don’t really get the meaning of the whole thing. Why should I be more interested in investing more and more in here, when I don’t get the option to do things the way I WANT IT to do, when I PAYED for it already?
    My shop is currently STUCK with the items, I placed already, and I can NOT change anything there (other than picking it up and NOT being able to replace it) So, whats the point??

    Can someone of the RESPONSIBLES enlight me please?
    Because I’m more disappointed right now than I’m enjoying Twinity.
    Thank you.

  14. Michael, be real and understand this entire thing from a strictly pragmatic standpoint!

    When Twinity first started out, it was trying to launch a real estate market that worked just like it does in real life. You rented an apartment or commercial space in a particular location. If you ran out of space, you left or resold your apartment for an even larger space. Or maybe you rented or bought more property in addition to what you already had.

    The point of buying a space was so that you could actually RESELL this property to someone else– just as in real life, people are able to purchase condominium apartments and then resell them to someone else for more money than they paid for it.

    Example: today you buy an apt out in virtual Trafalgar Sq. for $40. A year from now you get tired of it and put it up on the market. Another player buys it from you for $65, yielding you a profit of $25.

    Another example: you buy ten apartments at $30 each, fix them up with nice furnishings, then resell them out to other players for $40. You get a $100 profit as a result.

    THIS was ALWAYS the point of purchasing properties– to create a real estate market with real world value, not to allow you to do “whatever you wanted with it”.

    This is why Twinity can charge you rent on top of what you paid for your property. Buying property never entitled you to anything other than the freedom to resell your apartment for real money and get a cut off the profit. It didn’t entitle you– in contrast to what you believe– to buy a small two room apartment for X amount of money, and then to “mod” your apartment to get 3x the space of what you initially paid for. Especially at the expense of players trying to make a go at real estate here.

    If you are unhappy about this new arrangement, then “play by the rules” and resell the properties you now feel burdened with to get your (real life) investment back. Fix them up, put them up on the market, and try to sell them to other players. This is how it’s supposed to be done and how it was always supposed to be. If you don’t like that, then I’m sorry, I don’t know what to tell you because this is how virtual real estate works in most online worlds. If you don’t believe me, just ask players from There and other places who literally paid hundreds of dollars a month in virtual rent.

  15. Michael

    @ Twinindee

    I was NOT talking about purchasing property to resell it after being tired of having it or just furnishing it up.

    I was talking about the purchased shop, the items I created and I’m selling to other players.

    The offered places (FOR SHOPS) are NOT big enough to put all items in ONE PLACE. And it does not make any sense for me to purchase more and more properties so I could place ALL my created items in there (for others to buy)
    If it has to be that way, I would have to charge way too high prices (and others wouldnt bother to buy) in order to make any money.
    From my understanding a shop is a place where you earn money with the stuff you sell there, and not selling the property itself.

    In case Twinity introduced the real estate market just for the purpose of reselling it, then tell me why did they give the option to SELL OWN STUFF (items you created yourself) in your OWN SHOP?
    having a shop does NOT mean to have to resell the property, which is your shop.

    I’m not sitting here and create stuff I want to sell to other people in order to get nothing out of it, because I have to purchase more and more properties to place my items.
    If it’s not worth it to have a shop yourself (because you would have to pay more than you actually earn with the shop), why having the shop then? Just to show that you can create items? No way! This is not the way business works.

    Besides, Twinity calls themself “mirror of the real world” So tell me how do you earn money in the real world then? Sure resellers of property can bring you profit (if you find someone who is willing to pay the desired ammount of money, you wanna charge for your offered property)
    But also selling your own items (whats the purpose of having a shop) can bring you profit (if you do NOT pay more than you actually invest)

  16. @Michael (PART I):

    “In case Twinity introduced the real estate market just for the purpose of reselling it, then tell me why did they give the option to SELL OWN STUFF (items you created yourself) in your OWN SHOP?”

    The real estate market is not there for the “sole purpose of reselling property.” It’s there for the purpose of developing, selling and reselling property. Twinity itself makes money off real estate by developing buildings with retail and private space in them, which it then sells off to members for private or commercial use. Players make money off real estate by taking some of this property it bought off Twinity and reselling it.

    So to answer your question– the reason why you have the option to sell your own stuff in your own shop is the same reason why a real estate developer builds a huge complex with retail space. Twinity is trying to make money off real estate by selling commercial space to members wanting to open a virtual business here. It’s no different than when Donald Trump or some other major developer builds property with retail space. The space is there for business owners to rent or purchase, so that the developer can make money off it.

  17. @Michael (Part 2)

    But enough of all this theoretical mumbo-jumbo. Let’s get to the heart of what’s bugging you. You don’t like these changes, because you feel that they’re hurting your business. The problem is that the complaints about running your shop are easily solvable:


    1) You can rotate your items every few weeks– just like stores do in real life– if you don’t have the “space” to hold them all

    2) You can set up a website and sell your “extra stuff there”

    3) You can wait until you make enough sales to afford the additional space you need to hold all your items

    4) You can find ways of advertising your space to get more sales

    5) You can find ways of displaying your “many products” (like using small frames instead of floor models) that better use your space

    6) Or you can admit to yourself that maybe now is not the right time to sell anything, because Twinity is not at the point yet where we have enough players to make running a store worthwhile.

    There are a lot of options available to you. But as long as Twinity is trying to establish a real estate market with real world value, being allowed to expand your space without having to pay a dime for it can and should never be one of them. It’s not fair to Twinity as a developer or players who have money invested in properties here.

  18. Monica

    Thank you Dee for answering all Michael’s question and discussing the points. I am really sorry I didn’t check again this thread earlier, but I thought I had made it clear that anyone having problems with Real Estate should contact or directly to me.

    Michael, can you drop me an chat or email either in world or to ? As discussed in all the informative events about the new changes, the particular cases of city owners who had built outside needed manual fixing. I assume you don’t have me in your friend list, because I am easily reachable 🙂

  19. Hola people! Me encuentro buscando un top de los juegos top del 2010. Por favor si alguien conoce de un buen top le estare muy agradecido. Mis juegos preferidos son de aventura y rol , y mi consola preferida pues, claro esta, la PSP. Gracias por mantener esta pagina! lo he agregado a mis favoritos, Espero tener noticias del top!!

  20. Howard Sonic

    I am a Basic account holder. I have one of those free starter apartments. Mine’s in Berlin. I have been reading through the posts above and I think I’m already breaking rules…

    Don’t mean to. I drew up what I call an Apartment Extender that gives me a monster balcony and a flight of stairs leading up to a large grassy area. More of an experiment than anything else. I was thinking of offering it for sale – G50 seems reasonable.

    However… I see now that I can’t sell it unless I go to a commercial account. Not really interested in selling anyway, but if yer buyin…

    Howard Sonic, Berlin

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