Swen's message – discussed on the Twinity Monitor

There’s a very interesting community appeal, Swen’s message, posted over on the Twinity Monitor.

I think we can do something for Twinity, too. This is our world

I´m a private person and don´t work for the support, I write this by my own, because I love Twinity and hopes that´s growing. So, what can we do for Twinity? Easy job… my friends… when u have time for it look only for new members speak with them and make them friend. Take care of them and give tham assistance in “how works Twinity”. They must feel good her,that they come back and stay with us again.

Nobody will pay u for this…but don´t forget… we do that, because we love Twinity!!!

I really encourage all Twinizens to join that conversation, over on the Twinity Monitor. This is a community discussion, and probably is best discussed amongst the community. Please take a few minutes, click over there, and share your thoughts. Of course, actions in-world will speak louder than words, but it will be good to see and share the community’s energy and commitment there.


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