Did you know we launched Virtual Singapore?

It always tickles me when these things pop up months and months later, like over MMOWE.com.


6 responses to “Did you know we launched Virtual Singapore?

  1. Twinity, please be more discerning about the sites you link to. When you post to junk like this, it causes the blog to lose legitimacy and consequently you lose readers as a result.

    The reason why http://www.www.mmo5.com is posting news about Singapore being launched is that it appears to be a spam blog scraping content from other sites, much of it poorly translated and rewritten. A lot of the “recent news” is in fact months, if not years old.

    Just a heads up.

  2. Whoops– I meant that “MMOWE.com” is a spam blog. (MMO5.com is the site that MMOWE.com is trying to promote with its spamming tactics).

  3. @R.C. Thanks for the tip – will be more careful about the links.

  4. Singapore

    Hi Twinity.

    Since you guys mentioned this topic. I was wondering when Singapore will be updated. I understand Singapore now have many new malls in Orchard Orchard.

    Would love to see it.


  5. @Singapore – stay tuned! We have some stuff in the works.
    – jeremy

  6. Oh, it’s great that you’re updating Singapore. Can’t wait to see what you guys have up your sleeve!

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