BigWorld on our latest update

Link is here.


One response to “BigWorld on our latest update

  1. Twinity in Stereoscopic 3D! It works perfectly well!
    Goodbye isometric 3D!
    See new snapshot and caption added at bottom of

    Because it supports fullscreen (non-windowed) DirectX mode, Twinity can be rendered out-of-the-box in S3D (stereoscopic 3D), if the user is running NVIDIA 3D Vision (Discover/anaglyph or full with shutter glasses). This snapshot is the Discover/anaglyph version (requires suitable red/cyan glasses for proper S3D depth viewing). It is also noteworthy that Twinity uses COLLADA (COLLAborative Design Activity – an interchange file format and standard for interactive 3-D applications) as its 3-D model and animation format, enabling 3-D content developers to easily re-use COLLADA models created in popular 3-D modelling tools such as Google SketchUp.

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