Twinity Newsletter – Join the Twinity Olympics

You’ll always be ‘board’ in Twinity!

Nothing is more fun than sitting with your friends and playing a nice board game – now you can do exactly that in Twinity! Want a game to come to Twinity? We’ll build it!

Click here for more information.


Map Teleport Game

Palma Doro

Be our Olympian and win a brand new home!

We’re holding our very first Olympic games on sunday: that is 3 games in 3 cities, and the winner gets a whole new apartment in the areas of London that we will be releasing next week!

Click here for more information.


London grows, once more!

Just when you thought you’ve seen all of London, we’ve got something new for you! We’re releasing all new areas of London including St Pauls, Shakespeare’s Globe and more!

Click here for more information.


Social Media

Featured Items of the Week

This week we start a movement: ‘Paradise Lost‘ is the first Twinity shop that features animations. Get your personal freebie at the opening party.

Cry Animation Fear Animation Suprised Animation
cry fear suprised

Featured Apartments in Virtual London!

Still looking for a classy pad? We have something for you! Have a look at new apartments in London.

Airy Urban Loft
Airy Urban Loft

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