We have just updated Twinity!

Dear Twinizens,

Twinity should now be even more stable and comfortable, with some cool new features:

Double click to teleport to any place via the minimap

We now have a quick and easy teleporting method: double click on the minimap to teleport anywhere you want to go in our cities,  from just around the block  to the top of any building! See the cities in a completely new angle and go wherever you want with just two clicks.

Improved gift giving process

Giving and receiving gifts in Twinity is now much easier. Try it yourself by giving a present to one of your friends.

Transaction history

Now you can find all info about your Globals finances at one glance. If you look up “My Account” on www.twinity.com, you will find a sorted overview of all earnings and expenses you have from now on.

Commercial Membership

We have introduced a first version of the Commercial Membership for all Twinizens who want to do some real 3D business. Watch this space for more detailed info on this topic to follow!

Diverse big & small features and enhancements

We have also included a lot of other features: head movement of your avatar with camera perspective, an improved mouse-over cursor for drag’n’drop, prices will be displayed in your local currency, improved volume control sliders, messages that have new dialog boxes, clickable frames that open in a new window so you can read frame content more easily, a new method to subscribe to events, an improved text system that prevents accidental deletion of written text, and finally, improved smileys to make chatting more lively!

Come and test it all out! We hope you are having fun exploring and meeting friendly Twinizens from all over the world!

As always we would love to get your feedback, so don’t be shy, just reply to this post or send your impressions to support@twinity.com.

Your Twinity Team


6 responses to “We have just updated Twinity!

  1. Matilda Mae

    I am having trouble going anywhere on Twinity since the update. If I do get to my apartment half of my stuff doesnt show up…all of my frames are empty…I cant change clothes!I dont know what to do if I cant get on! My virtual world is so much more exciting than my real world right now!

  2. Winston Heckroth

    The world moves much smoother now. Well done and thank you.

  3. Sami

    You might just need to clear your cache Matilda.

    Open Twinity up and click the Help drop down menu below the log in, then click “Diagnostic Tool”. Then on the bottom right it says “Clear cache”.

    It may not work, but then again.. it just might 😛 Good luck!

  4. Liz

    I just got the message when trying to sign on”your pc does not have the required whatever it said,therefore,you can’t enter twinity.” I am running on latest laptop windows 7,can someone help me please?

  5. SamAxe

    I think twinity doesn’t support windows 7 yet. Take a look at the system requirements at twinity.com 😉

  6. SamAxe

    hmm, it’s not true. they don’t talk about windows 7, but it works for me.

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