Buy an apartment and get 1000 globals starter money!

There are many new arrivals in Twinity & we do not want anyone being without a home. If you buy an apartment in the new areas of Berlin which costs more than 10 €, you will get 1000 globals as a start-up aid.

Offer is only valid between 10 March – 25 March 2010; and for the new regions of Berlin; (around Potsdamer Platz, Kurfürstendamm, Savignyplatz, Gedächtniskirche).

Find our real estate offers here on marketplace.


2 responses to “Buy an apartment and get 1000 globals starter money!

  1. peppermintpattie

    so i got a place in west berlin Kurfürsten damm i have not started putting anything in yet but soon 🙂 now that my other place is almost done i can turn my attention to west berlin YAY!!! anyway when do we get the globals for getting a place there?? i love twinity so far and i am enjoying myself 🙂 PEACE.

  2. Daniel

    We planned to pay out the 1000 globals when this special offer expires (26 March 2010). Now we understand that globals come handy for decorating your new place, so due to request we decided to pay out the first wave now. All payments have just been done; please check your globals account. Have fun and good luck!

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