Twinity's Welcome Package for all Thereians

Dear Thereians,

Today, we come to a sad reality – is shutting down.

We feel for you and our community will give you a warm welcome in Twinity. We’ve already seen a lot of you in-world and it has been fun getting to know you. Have a look at Twinity for yourself by downloading our installer here.

We engaged in a lot of discussions and know you are interested to hear what Twinity can offer you. For all of you interested to find a new home in Twinity we’d like to offer you the following Welcome Package.

1) We know many of you had some money in There. During our tutorial everyone receives 950 globals as a bonus to buy neat outfits or any other item in our shops or to rent a place. On top of that, you will get another 1000 globals starting pocket money! All you need to do is join Twinity free and join our “1000 Globals Welcome Package” group; we will then reward you with the globals in your wallet.

2) If you have big plans and want to build or contribute creatively, we have a special offer for all new members joining in March. Simply go into your profile and upgrade to premium membership and you’ll enjoy free premium membership until the end of 2011! As a premium member you can…

* create and upload your own 3D models and items
* upload textures, or your own 3d meshes and animations (Max, Blender, etc)
* design your own clothes using predefined 3D models and 2D textures
* sell items for globals
* use free VoIP
* and much more.

But giving you developers, neighborhood owners and active community members the tools is only halfway there! So we’ll be holding special info and tutorial sessions on how to upload 3D models, create shops or throw your own events in Twinity. On top of that, we’ll provide you with information, materials and grid patterns that can be changed with Collada editors and uploaded directly to Twinity. Plus, we will have special meet’n’greet events with our team, so you can get a view from behind the scene.

We hope this will give you a good start in our growing global community. Give it a try, just look for some new friends, and we’re sure you will find them in no time. Or, meet your old pals in the Lounge. Feel free to invite former friends from to come join you in Twinity. If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to contact our support team at support[at]

Welcome & have fun,

Your Twinity Team

P.S.: Looking to take your Twinity experience even further commercially? Send us an email at partner[at]!


10 responses to “Twinity's Welcome Package for all Thereians

  1. Mike

    The link for the seat cushion model linked on the “upload 3D models” page is broken.

  2. jesuslovesyou (thereian)

    i dont know if i could join because i know its exacly like kaneva and it sucked i would like (buggys you can drive, hover boards,hover bikes,hover boats, hover packs, props, portazones, voice chat, im, summoning, funzones, racing, tuv’s aka trucks, easy build, better walking, super bunny slipers wich make u run faster and jump higher, paint balling,nice profile page on the game not on the website, web browser in game, designing, cheap there bucks aka money, awesome groups, racing, card games, poker chips, paint ball targets and racing add ons, homes that you can put anywhere with a portazone, outer space, you can travel island to island with any vehiscle or walking, takes 3 hours to drop from space, takes more than a week to go around the world, water that is real looking that u cant go underneath no mater how far out u are, dancing poses and stuff, chairs that u click on to sit) i am losing all this at 2am! 😥 ill give it a try please i hope its true that i get pree premium membership because i made mine when i payd monthly so i had to pay around 40$ then it went to lifetime. how do i get free membership (premium)????




  4. @mike, thanks for pointing that out to us. we’l fix it.

    @jesuslovesyou, we’re working on some of those vehicles & other things. and yes, you’ll get free premium membership.

    @XCAL_URRADIO, someone from our partner team will contact you on that.

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  6. AFUA


  7. AFUA


  8. Hi guys,
    Thanks for signing up for Twinity. Currently we are only able to transfer the welcome globals manually and we’ll do that once a day. Thanks for your patience, we really appreciate that.
    Enjoy Twinity and have fun.

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