Bob Sutor's first impressions of Twinity

Here’s some of what Bob Sutor had to say about some first impressions of Twinity:

Here’s what I liked about it:

  • They are planning to reproduce huge swaths of London, Berlin, and Singapore, thereby proving alternative “real life” locations for you to visit and spend time in. I believe that the building is only done by the Twinity core team.
  • They have a number of ways of customizing your avatar, but the coolest in my opinion is what they call “PhotoFit.” The idea is that you upload a photo of a real person, e.g., yourself, and by moving around a few points that give the geometry of the face, your avatar will then look like that.
  • I was wandering around a shop (I bought some cool red Converse sneakers) and discovered that they’ve implemented mirrors. That is, you can have a surface that reflects your image back at you.

On the negative side, but with the caveat again that this is a beta:

Every time you change location, it can take up to several minutes to pull down the objects that populate it.

  • A few more initial choices of avatar clothing and hair would be good.
  • Like many virtual worlds, the basic walking movement is too slow.
  • Twinity is only available for Windows.

Thanks so much for taking the time to write that, Bob!


One response to “Bob Sutor's first impressions of Twinity

  1. Earlier I tried to run Twinity on Ubuntu Linux with Wine, but not with a luck.

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