The young and the Twinizens

From The Twinity Monitor:

You know you have a real “community” when there’s gossip…

This past week turned out to be one of the strangest ones I’d ever experienced in Twinity. For as long as I’ve been here, conversations between players have always been pretty much innocuous. That’s not to say they’ve been boring, just that they’ve always been pretty much the type of conversations that fall under the “how’s the weather” variety, where people just talk about Twinity in general or engage in some other type of small talk.

Recently, that all changed. Starting the Sunday before last, the conversations went from generic small talk to hot and heavy gossip– and lots of it.

Hmm… Let us know if things get crazy out there, Twinizens!


2 responses to “The young and the Twinizens

  1. Don’t worry– nothing really bad happened… A few weeks ago, there was some interpersonal conflict on a very silly, juvenile, high school level due to some highly “sensitive” individuals misreading signals and taking things personally. There were also 1 or 2 troublemakers making the rounds. Then mysteriously, all the conflict sort of died down and everything went back to normal.

    Rest assured, though, that if it happens again on a more serious level, you will be notified.

  2. Noticed that there are drama queens here as well but where not?

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