New Twinity Update

Dear Twinizens,

Another release is out as many of you have already noticed. We brought a lot of new stuff and improvements.

*Geo-tagging: you can now add your favourite poetry, building description or love story to a building, add a photo, or a link to an external webpage. Just click on the green entry button and select the building info tab.

*Emoticons and new chat bubbles: try typing /brokenheart and a broken heart will appear (although we wish you all the best for your love live the effect is quite nice we think;-)). Many more keywords are available and many more to come.

*Starter Apartments: for all the newbies: we’ll offer trial apartments one month for free when you’ve tried out Twinity for a while (and as long as we have them available – we’ll try our best to meet the demand asap).

*Upload items to Myshop: news for commercial members – uploading items to your shop and offering them for sale is now possible.

*Share events on Facebook and Twitter. Want to invite your friends to your Twinity party? Go to and share your event on facebook or tweet it out.

*Many small usability improvements.

Unfortunately loading of avatars takes quite some time currently and sometimes changing of clothes doesn’t work. We found the bugs and will fix them asap (among a couple of others).

As always – let us know what you think and have fun.




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