sered going up

And no comment on the comments on that post


2 responses to “sered going up

  1. Why not comment on it? If you’re *not* going to disable flying then you need to set the record straight, because there’s a member going around telling newbies who are asking how to fly that they’re not “allowed” to.

    If, on the other hand, you *are* indeed going to disable flying, then why not admit it and in the process invite discussion and feedback about it? This is the beta, after all, and you want as much input from testers as possible regarding what they would and wouldn’t like to see in Twinity, no?

  2. @Dee Riley, you make a good point.

    Let’s hear feedback from people. I know from sered’s post, as well as the Twinity Monitor, that there are at least two votes for keeping flying.

    What’s your feedback on it?

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