‘24h Berlin – A Day in the Life’ Live Screening in Twinity’s Virtual Berlin

Special virtual screening and readings by 10 authors – all live in virtual Berlin.

Berlin, 2 September 2009 – It’s nothing less than the longest TV program in the history of television. TV stations Rundfunk Berlin-Brandenburg (rbb) and ARTE and will be showing the 24-hour documentary ‘24h Berlin – A Day in the Life’ on 5 September 2009. On the same day, 3D mirror world Twinity will be hosting an exclusive, virtual screening including a fantastic competition. The day will wrap up with a live broadcast of the 24h Berlin book reading with international authors reading live in gallery space C/O Berlin.

The numbers are certainly impressive: One year ago precisely, on 5 September 2008, 80 camera teams were out and about in Berlin for a whole 24 hours. They caught celebrities on camera, but also many Berlin inhabitants who are hardly household names. They then viewed and edited 750 hours of film material over ten months, and put together a 24-hour, Berlin-themed documentary. More information can be found at www.24hberlin.tv.

3D mirror world Twinity lets you watch this impressive documentary live at a virtual, open-air cinema for the whole 24 hours. This special live screening gives all Twinizens the exclusive chance to watch the documentary being screened in front of the stunning backdrop of Berlin’s iconic Brandenburg Gate.

The second highlight of the day is a live book reading from C/O Berlin – International Forum for Visual Dialogues. The book event featuring international authors will be broadcast live in the gallery’s virtual counterpart in Twinity from 5 to 10pm. Authors such as Pascale Hugues, Isabelle Azoulay, or Jens Friebe will be reading their contributions to the official 24h Berlin book and giving listeners lively and laidback impressions of this unique city.

24h Berlin Live Screening

What? 24h Berlin live screening

Where? Brandenburg Gate in virtual Berlin

When? Saturday, 5 September, from 6:00 (CET) until Sunday, 6 September, 6:00 (CET)

Readings at C/O Berlin

What? Live book reading from C/O Berlin

Where? C/O Berlin in virtual Berlin

When? Saturday, 5 September, 17:00 – 22:00 (CET)



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