Aug 9 in 'virtual' Orchard Rd

From the Straits Times article “Aug 9 in ‘virtual’ Orchard Rd”:

THIS National Day, Orchard Road may be a hive of activity – both in the real and virtual worlds.

Twinity’s maker, a virtual world developer, is launching an online realisation of Singapore’s iconic shopping strip on Aug 9, where users can make virtual friends, visit online galleries, go shopping and even set up online businesses.

As part of the launch, and in conjunction with the Republic’s 44th National Day, the virtual area will host several events. These include:

  • A live video stream of the parade from the Marina Bay floating platform.
  • A virtual performance by home-grown band Electrico of this year’s theme song, which it will perform at the parade too.
  • The Pledge Moment, where users can congregate to take the national pledge together at precisely 8.22pm, alongside people in the physical world.

3 responses to “Aug 9 in 'virtual' Orchard Rd

  1. Proud

    I relly dont understand this application. Everything is on TV.

    Why login to a “WHAT” Virtual World?

  2. @Proud, there are many reasons to log in. One is for those who aren’t in Singapore. For them, it’s not on TV, but they can come into Twinity and see what the party is about. Also, if you stay at home and watch on TV, the people you can watch with is limited. In Twinity, you can share the party with people in other parts of the world, chat about the event and share the fun.

  3. Proud


    I really dont think you guys know what you are doing.Good Luck!

    Mediacorp has a similar application , that allows us to change channels to check out views of the National Day Parade.
    In case you have not been watching TV.

    I can chat with people there , make friends etc.. and discuss on National Day.

    check it out

    I guess thats life in a normal start up.
    I been in your twinity world. Its devoid of people. I can safely say the same of the Berlin World you have created . No one visits them.

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