[Operations] Twinity update July 21, 2009

Dear Twinizens,

We are in the process of releasing a major update to Twinity today that brings quite a few new features. The update will finish within the next hour, however, we just wanted to provide a short summary of what is included in this update:

– VoIP volume adjustment
– Chat notification to Owner / Tenant when member has entered their location
– Camera behavior in simple controls
– People online and location displayed
– New radio – Faster connection speed, browse online stations and add favorites
– Ability to set view control hotkeys
– Tooltips on Minimap Icons
– Automatic client Re-Login should client become disconnected
– Ability to turn off browsers for low performance machines
– Further reduction of install file size
– Fixed some issues related to avatars sitting incorrectly



2 responses to “[Operations] Twinity update July 21, 2009

  1. Ingrid

    Well… Things happen don’t they. I must say I am impressed by the work and progress done in recent months. However anticipating that things will be done “within one hour” is wishful thinking. I happen to live with a bunch of tecchies whose motto is: if it should take one hour tell them it will take three days! Bless and good luck.

  2. Nimrod

    – People online and location displayed – Ah, finally!

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