Your Ideas for virtual Singapore

Since virtual Singapore is still a work in progress, we would like to ask you what you would like to see happen in Orchard Road (first section of the city to open). Tell us in our small survey here.


Please comment this post if your idea is not listed here.


18 responses to “Your Ideas for virtual Singapore

  1. How about renting an apartment?


  2. Lora

    Der virtuelle Singapore ist sehr gelungen. Der asiatische Flair ist deutlich spürbar und ich freue mich schon auf die noch kommenden Möglichkeiten, Singapore noch intensiver zu erleben.

  3. Macha

    I’d like to get a quick overview of the city like an extremely fast movement speed, flying (with a zeppelin?), or a simple map with points of interest (not google maps!).

    I’m really missing that in Berlin.

  4. ezze

    I’ve been going to Singapore over many years.. four times a year some times..but not of late.. this is a good idea.. for this region.. it’s an asian centre and liked by many.. BUT .. the main fun of singapore was lost many years ago and the place is “sterile” where the government wants even to controle dating etc as people are really in fear of fun and sex.. what made Singapore very popular for vistors was duty free shopping and you could get suits and shrits made in a day.. also shoes etc .. “Change Ally” was very popular indeed.. as was “Boogy Street” (spelling?) at night.. with the entertainment of the “Billy Boys” this was the main fun area of Singapore for visitors.. what a laugh that place was.. Also the “shop houses” made for good local shopping.. and good prices.. these have been destroyed by their want of showing the world they are as “good” as them.. Singapore then is a well balanced place , with a “chip” on each shoulder.. and that “chip” is what took the fun away.. get the fun back and you will have a winner, I hope so, for you that is.. dont take it so serious, as they do.. don’t make it too “perfect” or the “sterile” feel will be in Twinity too.. only my thoughts of course.. Don’t forget it’s a “free port” and a major shipping hub.. so it’s a port with soooo many seamen ( who are a huge income for them, as they spend ) and you will never take that side of Sinapore out of the place.. they keep it sane.. as with “Euro Port”.. It’s a big task .. so good luck.. good idea.. as this region is so neglected in 3D worlds.. I don’t know if you would know about the changes on 1.1.2010 to the region.. Singapore will be the banking centre in this new plan.. sort of replacing Hong Kong..
    So you will see how interesting this region will be.. sort of a union of the 3rd world counties that north Asian will feed off for their developement.. part of the “2020 vision” of this region.. this map will show that this trade block will be 600 million people by it’s self.. hope that insight helps if you didn’t know of it.. 1.1.2010.. is the start of a new “venture” for this region.. Singapoe being a sort of Brussels in time.. Interesting times ahead.. Cooee shows the need of 3D worlds for this region.. BUT download speed is a big thing for here.. keep it light and fast.. I liked the free feel of Google’s Lively too.. BUT PLEASE do something with the avatars “style”.. it wont matter how “nice” and clean it all looks if the avatars look @#$%.. people wont go.. Good luck.. Ezze

  5. EIK

    Just went to check it out.
    Noboby around.
    Boring like hell
    interface sucks big time
    Wonder who came up with this stupid idea.

  6. benjamin

    very nice program. very impressive. hope to see more of the city as soon as possible! and i see that the map is really very updated. which is a good point! if virtual shopping and entering of shopping mall is possible.. maybe the focus of the development should move more different location besides orchard. eg, bugis, queensway shopping center and clark quey. Do continue to work hard on ur project!!! supporting u from singapore 😀

  7. EIK

    You sound like a moron, I went it to see it. Its crap. What kind of moron would like it see it like this. IT does not even look like Singapore. CK TANG is completely wrong. BTW it takes forever to walk from one end to another. I probably get more by physically doing it . i.e. walking Orchard Road myself.

    I wont sign in again..Have uninstalled. Why the hell I want a apartment there.. DUD..

  8. JayInAtlanta

    Despite EIK’s non-constructive criticism, a couple of people including him have raised a good point. So far, my least favorite part of Twinity is how slow it is to get around if you don’t pre-select a teleportable location. I expect the map to provide a way to jump quickly to locations you can see on there, instead of having to walk or pick a pre-arranged location. It would be good to have a faster method of transport – perhaps the designers have already thought of “selling” Segway-type devices, bicycles, golf carts, cars, etc.? What about a virtual bus ride around the city that costs a bit of virtual currency?

  9. may be have a advertising signage at Orchard for my up an coming Art show

  10. Tang

    I want a free apartment and for twinity to be faster.

  11. benjamin

    To GayInAtlanta:

    it’s a freeware,what’s the point of complaining and making a fuss over something that is free?! they don’t even own you anything in the 1st place. where is ur singaporean’s spirit!? oh, i forgot, that’s the spirit.

    instead of doing what u do best – making up a big fuss… why not just appreciate the art and skill of computer designing that they have? Or is that something too much to ask from you? If that is the case, my apology.

    On a lighter note, i completely missed the National Day event – went to a friend’s wedding. Nevertheless, still waiting for further updates from you guys. 加油!Don’t let the troll take a toil on you.

  12. kwenny

    shud have the somerset skatepark in it.. just a few lanes down the road.

  13. Long Overdue

    Hi Guys @ Twinity.

    Was wondering if you are planning to update Singapore? Its been a while and Orchard Road and many other parts of Singapore are completely outdated.

    Orchard Road now as tons of new shopping malls.

    Would love to visit the inside of the malls and do some virtual shopping.

    Looking forward

  14. Hi! Your report rocks and is genuinely a quite great realize

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