animx on Twinity galleries

Will has some interesting questions about Twinity’s galleries over the animx blog.

In theory Laura Kikauka may be in Berlin as in Twinity. Some galleries have a version in the Twinity virtual world. My guess is that this changes how people think about them.

Also, in another post about “Visual Music”, he asks:

How do galleries and artists think about content? How controlled is distribution? Is the audience invited to make derivative work?

Also, what changes with a virtual world such as Twinity Berlin? Images and video can be shown and stills and video can be recorded. So far I have asked permission for this but people seem to think it a strage question. There are Berlin galleries with spaces on Twinity.

These are interesting questions for the artists in the Twinity community. Questions and comments are welcome, as always.


2 responses to “animx on Twinity galleries

  1. Found this

    is this on the Twinity map?

    Her spaces are quite complex. Could the Twinity technology cope?

    Would a wallpaper be easier?

    • I found 3 places with names like “Laura” in Twinity in Berlin, but none appear to be hers. Twinity should be able to handle much of the stuff pictured on her page as inanimate objects, but a wallpaper would probably be easier.

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