News from the Development Department

We are currently preparing the next release, which will bring some nice improvements like simplified private chat, additional outdoor spawn-points for better city navigation, improved voice chat reliability and better handling of large friend-lists. We target next Tuesday as release date.

Meanwhile we follow our new strategy to push out improvements and bug-fixes in-between releases. To avoid client freezes we temporarily disabled the chat window. It will be back with the next release. Another related problem was fixed with a patch today: Sorting the chat bubbles in 3D was sometimes causing freezes. Also we had to take back an experimental feature to compress texture size on low-end hardware, because it does not work correctly and needs more investigation. Now everyone will see the full texture resolution again.

Finally a request to content creators: We are currently beta-testing the Collada model upload functionality (models can be found on Google warehouse or exported from 3d-modeling tools). If you have problems uploading a specific model, please send it to support and we will investigate the problem and try to fix it.


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