Twinity on Listio

Listio is a Web 2.0 site that has lists and reviews. You can find Twinity on Listio here.


2 responses to “Twinity on Listio

  1. I keep getting these e-mails and can’t figure out why? I’ve e-mailed several times explaining as much as I’m dying to get inside and play for some reason my machine has a problem with the client I’ve downloaded it and deleted it and re-downloaded it again over and over again but still it will not open up I keep getting an error message telling me this that and the other file can’t be found and the program has crashed and must be closed try downloading the software again!?!? ,’~{ I really am so bumed I can’t experence this world of yours. As a disabled man w/stage 3 cancer and the reality now sooo profoundly obvious My dream of ever truely seeing the and of my heritage and kinfolk. You can’t imagine the hope your site renewed in me that in a cyberspace telepathy sorta way I would actually still be able to walk the streets and experience the whole aura of it at least to a far greater degree then ever I dared think I could.Only to be once again striped of that hope. But oh well… no doubt it’s a lack of meeting the high enough requirments of some technical need to run the program as old as my machine is I really should indeed be greatfull it’s kept up even to the degree it has. But these reminders I keep getting so gratiously inviteing me to all your gatherings warm my heart by your kindess in remembering me. Yet still tug at my greif and loss at the same time.But Thank You ever so much for your holiday invitation.If I could make it there really is nothing I can think of that would bring me more joy…
    Sincerly Chazman
    P.S. you could send me a post card of the holiday festivities.Or sorry maybe not I kindda forget sometimes it’s a “Virtual World” your probably not there yourself OOps LOL lates…

  2. @Chazman, We’ll have our support team contact you to try to help with the client issues. Thanks, jeremy

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