[Operations] New patch, November 28

Dear Twinizens,

We just wanted to let you know that we’ve just deployed a new patch.  When you restart Twinity, the patch to the client will automatically run and update your client.




8 responses to “[Operations] New patch, November 28

  1. Can we please get some release notes on these patches!
    Then we go and check them out and report if any don’t seem to be working.
    Or at least we can admire all your hard work.

  2. Hans

    I know it’s not as simple as to snap your fingers, but I’m disappointed to see that you haven’t got a version for Mac users or any mention as to plans to support Mac users in the future.

  3. Hi

    The word verification on your registration page does not work.

  4. @Clive, This one was just for bug-fixing, no new features.

  5. @Hans, We do have plans, and we’re working on it. We’ve added your name to the list of Mac requests and will notify you when there’s something available.

  6. @Simon Dyda, Thanks, noted!

  7. Are you having problems with delivering the patch because I keep getting an error message (Error downloading the patch!) every time I attempt to download it.



  8. @skribe, We haven’t had any reports of that. If it persists, please contact our support team at support (at) twinity dot com.

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