No need for future travel?

Malin asks the question about whether travel will be necessary or possible in the future.

Now it’s possible for Internet users from all over the world to explore virtual Berlin.

The concept of this virtual world is called Twinity

I mean, what if there will be no need for travelling in the future? Or what if this will be the only way to visit new places?

Malin goes on to discuss whether real-world travel will be a luxury in the future, and touches on the environmental benefits of virtual travel. Check out Malin’s post!


3 responses to “No need for future travel?

  1. How do you think the current recession will affect the travel business? Maybe people still want to travel – just cheaper?

    • @Taylor, I think people probably do still want to fly, but even at cheaper rates, a lot may not be able to afford it. We see big potential for less travel in the future.

  2. a girl at my sports club found your blog and started to visit regular, he sugested I take a look I’m glad I did!

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