[Operations] Twinity update this evening

Dear Twinizens,

We just wanted to let you know that we will be updating Twinity this evening beginning at 18:30 CET. When you restart Twinity, the patch to the client will automatically run and update your client.




12 responses to “[Operations] Twinity update this evening

  1. Nimrod

    I hope this will solve my crashing login issue since I have no idea how to solve it.

  2. @nimrod, I hope so too. Don’t hesitate to contact our support team for assistance there. -jeremy

  3. @norman, yes, sorry. We’re doing a quick follow-up patch. Should be back online in a few hours. -jeremy

  4. Hi J, have you considered setting up a wiki?

  5. @Harro, Yes, we’re still considering that. -jeremy

  6. Nimrod

    Even support don’t have an idea what can be the cause, tried already. And the issue is still the same after this update, logging out with error message right after login. Twinity and Win XP reinstall are the options what left. 😦

  7. @nimrod, very unfortunate. Please do try a Twinity reinstall and let’s see what happens. – jeremy

  8. Anthony

    I read about this service on the BBC website, came over here full of excitement only to find that you don’t cater for Mac users… aaaarrrrgghhhh….

  9. @Anthony, sorry about that. We are working on having Mac support in the future. -jeremy

  10. Yasmin

    Sure hope this update solves all the crashing problems, also I bought a ceiling fan but guess I placed it above the ceiling now I can’t find it. I hope my ceiling fan is there when I log back in.

  11. @Yasmin, This one was from a while ago. We have another update coming in the next few days. I think that one will fix your ceiling fan.

    – jeremy

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