Explore virtual Berlin in Twinity!

Dear Twinizens,
We are very excited to report that Twinity has opened the first virtual city ready for exploration – Alpha City Berlin! This is the first time Germany’s capital has been rendered true-to-scale within a virtual world. In Alpha City Berlin, you can check out Berlin’s Hackescher Markt district, which features many shops, galleries, bars, and clubs that exist in the real Berlin. alex_1.jpg

Twinity’s Hackescher Markt district is the city’s first neighborhood to be released for private testing, with over six square kilometers of area. The Metaversum team will continue to develop and expand the outdoor environment as members explore the virtual city.

After you log into Twinity, click the globe icon in your toolbar, go to Recommended Places and click “Alpha City Berlin”.

Although our development team is constantly working to improve the outdoor environment, you may encounter some known issues while trying to access Alpha City Berlin.

  • Your avatar may fall through the floor in areas still under development
  • You may experience long loading times
  • If you get to the edge of the city, you can fall off into empty space

Your feedback at support@twinity.com will help us to further develop Alpha City Berlin. We appreciate any comments, questions or suggestions you might have during the test phase of our first virtual metropolis. kirche_rat_tv_2.jpg

As a thank you for participating in the opening of virtual Berlin, you will find ten invitations under “Invitations” on your home page at twinity.com. Feel free to invite your friends and colleagues to join the Twinity community!

We look forward to seeing you in Twinity.


The Twinity Team


One response to “Explore virtual Berlin in Twinity!

  1. Virtual Tour? Wow! That seems nice. When we travel to Berlin, we hardly have the time to visit all the sites. Hotels are too expensive, so we stay only a weekend. We’re planning on a longer stay, but we might rent a nice apartment for that vacation using this list here:http://www.110apartments.com/new/en/search/germany/berlin/

    We might save some money. Of course at least we can scout out the locations we want to visit using a virtual tour! haha thanks!

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