Football Fever party postponed until Friday

zoe_fb02_shadow.jpgHello Twinizens,

Due to the current update of Twinity, we will be postponing tonight’s scheduled Football Fever party from today (Thursday) to tomorrow (Friday). We hope to see you tomorrow for fun, dancing and football passion in the Twinity Football Fanclub, Berlin!

Thank you for your understanding while the follow-up patch adds new features and bug fixes to Twinity.

Come on down and kick it up with us at the Football Fever party this Friday, 20 June (18:00 CET) in the Twinity Football Fanclub. The place is a soccer lover’s paradise, including football-themed streaming radio and video.

Check out the new football t-shirts in the shop and get your favorite one for free!

How to get there: Go to “Places” in your toolbar and then “Place Search”. Type “Twinity Football Fanclub” and click “Search”. To enter, press “Go”.


4 responses to “Football Fever party postponed until Friday

  1. Edward

    will be there! Go Bills! USA

  2. @Edward, you do realize this is European football, right? 😉

  3. avid Football fan in here, Manchester United is my favorite team.,`*

  4. football is a very physical game and it really stretches your bones and muscles:**

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