Twinity updates – same time, same channel

Dear Twinizens,

As announced just a few minutes ago,  Twinity will be offline for an update for the next several hours. In the past, we have announced each update individually. Moving forward, however, we think it makes more sense to have a regular update schedule, so you Twinizens know what to expect.

Twinity updates will now take place on Wednesdays from 0900 (9 AM) to 1600 (4 PM) CET. We will no longer announce each release individually, but will post notes about the releases afterwards. Please expect access to Twinity to be problematic during those hours.

Please let us know if you have any questions about this.




2 responses to “Twinity updates – same time, same channel

  1. Phar

    Downtime for updates on wednesday morning local time? *giggles* Reminds me on how it used to be with SL back in the days! 😀

  2. Edward

    UGH SL I hate that place.

    Yes good idea to have a planned set date for patches and updates.

    As for announcing them, you should let us know ahead of time what to expect in the update. *SMILE*

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